My story of Hyperlactation

Last year, 2017, I found about the World Breastfeeding Week. As the breastfeeding week was going on, Internet was flooded with beautiful tips, advantages and colorful experiences. I found few really inspiring stories and help for low milk supply. But another topic is quite left out, it’s overabundant milk supply /hyperlactation. My story of hyperlactation … Read moreMy story of Hyperlactation

Five gifting ideas for an expecting mother

When I was expecting our Penguin, I was too worried about my pregnancy and never thought about the next phase. Thankfully I had my Maa, she cleaned all necessary clothing for new-born. She hand-made and ordered few nappies for the baby. I never thought how to relax and enjoy the moment. A big regret now! … Read moreFive gifting ideas for an expecting mother