Things I wish had known before starting Cloth Diapering

We have been cloth diapering Penguin over 2 years now. We sport that fluffy bum around parks, play grounds, one day road trips and even on long vacations.

We love our cloth diaper stash. We started with triangle nappies hand sewn at home and by local tailors. But then we wanted something that is convenient but not disposable. It should work well for few hours instead of few minutes. It was then when I had bumped in modern cloth diapering (MCD) through social media and Amazon. Well I had my fair share of learning curve on this cloth diapering journey.

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Things I wish had known before starting cloth diapering #clothdiaper #clothdiapering #fluffbum

Oh, how I wish had known these 5 things before starting cloth diapering.

1.      Try and then make stash.

Confession! When I started cloth diapering, I was unaware that what works other’s baby might not work for my child. I stocked in multiple brands and types and tried hands. Sigh! Got confused.

Rather I should have started with 1-2 pocket diapers and one sleeper or any other combination with cover diapers of any brand. Say like Bumberry has a starter pack which includes a pocket diaper with -microfiber inserts, a cover diaper with bamboo inserts and a sleeper. Pocket and cover can be used for daytime while sleeper is designed especially for night time diapering. Once one is confident what works best for the baby, make a stash.

Recently in our stash we added Bumberry sleepers, I like how it keeps my baby dry up to 8 hours considering that he is heavy wetter. It is easily available, pocket friendly and good quality cloth diapers. Did I mention about customer service? I have a previous experience with them where they resolved my doubts.

It is okay even if you start with pre-loved diapers. There are many buy/sell groups online or on social media, you can one, try for a week or so. Then add more in your stash. Just ensure that you bleach them once before using.

2.      Find your ever-helpful tribe

I got to know about cloth diapers from social media. Brought few diapers from multiple brands, prepped them and got Penguin, my son wears them. Then started the trouble diapers were leaking, few started stinking. I was almost ready to switch to disposables. Meanwhile I connected with other moms who were cloth diapering. I found my tribe of moms who helped me with right fit and wash routine.

3.      Night time and day time diapers are different

Initially I used to wake up twice or even thrice during night time to change my child’s pocket or cover diapers. Even used dry sheets underneath sheets to keep him dry. But waking up every night was not possible and I hesitated night time cloth diapering. Weeks later I found out about AIOs and boosters and night routine was back. Night time diapers have greater absorbency compared to day ones keeping baby dry overnight.

4.      Have a strong wash routine.

It’s not okay to pile up all used diapers for almost 3-4 days and wash together. Neither does cloth diapering works if you store your soiled diaper without rinsing off the poop. You need to have a regular cloth diapering laundry routine. If are unaware about it check with manufacturer or you can check my previous post “Cloth diaper laundry routine“.

5.      Cute prints can make you shopaholic

I was never a shopaholic for cute things until I started cloth diapering. Every time a new print was launched, I always got an itch to add it in my cloth diaper collection.

Give me a high five if you are a cloth diapering parent and agree with me. Do you have any different experience let me know in comments?

If you are a parent/ aunt/ uncle/grandparent who want to know most things about cloth diapering before starting, do let me know your queries I would try to help you.

Until next time,

Happy cloth diapering.

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Cloth diaper laundry routine

Raise your hand, if you are one of those who want to adopt cloth diapers in life but are hesitant thinking about laundry. We all know cloth diapers are safe, economical, environment friendly and cute. But eww, what happens to poop? Or you are one of those parents who just got few cloth diapers and confused how to clean it once soiled. Allow me to help you.

I hope you have prepped the diapers and little baby is in one. Later your little one is all set to get in another fresh diaper and you are having a soiled or dirty diaper now. Did the baby pooped? What’s next?

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What about the poop?

Simple, knock off the solids. During initial months when baby is either breastfed or formula fed, poop won’t be solid. Gross, I know. But actually, it’s not. You can use a liner for that purpose. Hope, your shoulders are relaxed now.

Well, knock off the solids (if any), give it a spray in toilet and put in waterproof bag.

If there isn’t any solid, still giving it a spray before storing would be a good practice. But its not compulsion.

When to wash the diapers?

Parenting is tiring and you just won’t have energy or time to wash each one by one. So, let them pile up. You can do laundry either daily or on alternative days. But try not to extend beyond 3 days.

How to wash?

Before getting into the process, let’s talk about detergent to use. After cloth diapering for over 2 years I can say, the simpler detergent, the better it works.

Always choose a detergent without optical brighteners, whiteners or extra enzymes. So, from our Indian market one can choose Surf excel, Tide original or Rustic art.

You can choose either to hand wash or machine wash. No brainer, machine would save some energy from the already tired parent.

Hand washing cloth diapers

For our babies every parent goes extra mile. If you are a parent who prefers hand washing or even if machine wash regularly, at times difficult things just happen. Or you are traveling and using these cloth diapers there and there is no machine. So, you have hand wash soiled diapers.


  1. Fill the bucket with hot water depending on number of diapers to wash. It should be enough to immerse all diapers in hand.
  2. Add detergent in right quantity and give a stir.
  3. Add diapers in the bucket and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. It would reduce your efforts.
  4. Then give all diapers a good scrub removing stains.
  5. Drain all water. Rinse diapers in cold water. Rinse well to make sure detergent is washed off.
  6. Squeeze gently to remove excess water. Shake them.
  7. Line dry all diapers. And you are done

Pro tip: If you ran out of hot water, you can continue as previous steps just do it little longer. Little extra soak, rub and rinse.

Machine washing cloth diapers


  1. Unload your diapers from wet-bags or water proof bags where used ones are stored.
  2. Set the machine and add detergent. If you can choose settings for wash then go for cold pre-wash, then hot main wash, long rinse and medium spin. For pre-wash add about ¼ of recommended amount with respect to diaper count.
  3. After the wash if you feel diapers are still soapy. Then give it another wash.
  4. Line dry all.

Pro tip: Line dried diapers might feel little stiff. To bring back your fluff, toss it back and forth. That’s another fun responsibility for my toddler.

I have been using Bumberry pocket diapers for a year and sleeper since few weeks now. I love the fact how absorbent both are. It fits well for little one. It is easily available, pocket friendly and a quick responding customer care service are huge plus points to sticks with the brand for my cloth diapering journey.

Can I wash other clothes with diapers?

Yes, you can. Once diapers are done with pre-wash, add all required clothes in the mix.

Remember avoid using any type of fabric softener or antiseptic liquid. They would adversely impact diaper’s absorbency levels.

Now, if you have religiously followed all the steps yet diapers are stinking. Maybe the culprit is hard water or the detergent wasn’t right or amount was not sufficient. So, maybe you can use hard water softener or do stripping once in a month. Stripping means removing mineral and other deposits from cloth diapers. You need to stripping only in need. Stripping is done only for absorbent parts like inserts and not outer shells.

I hope this helps you. Maintaining a strong wash routine aids in care of diapers, longevity and hygiene.

Happy cloth diapering!

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