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5 essentials you need for your Hong Kong vacation

We went on work and vacation to Hong Kong months ago. There were few tips I learnt there in first few days and got accustomed soon. In short, our diaper bag slash travel bag got few must carry add-on. If you are planning a trip to island, I got to covered here.

When you are in foreign land, no brainer to say – Keep passport and other documents handy. Get currency exchanged in airport. Get a prepaid calling card with internet. And then tick-off the checklist down here.

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Getting on with 5 essentials that you need to have while you are getting ready to travel Hong Kong or keep these handy.

Octopus card:

Octopus card is the convenient way of paying fares on Hong Kong’s public transport, such as MTR, ferries, buses, trams or the Airport express. You can even swipe the card in convenience stores, shops, department stores, supermarkets, fast-food and retail outlets, bookstores, cinemas, public swimming pools, car parks, schools and few more places. You can load them either at MTR or 7Eleven or few other convenience stores. You can deposit them in airport while returning and refund any amount unused.



Pack your umbrella always, Hong Kong got crazy weather. Sunny day can turn rainy in minutes. So, always keep one. During rain, most restaurants and tourist places provide umbrella plastic covers, but it’s advisable to keep one in bag.

Walking shoes:

Must pack your comfortable pair of walking shoes. While all islands of Hong Kong are really well connected with public transport. You have to walk a lot to reach tourist places, MTR terminals, shopping centers, night market, long list, it can go on. So, pack your heels if you want but never forget about walking shoes. For young kids or toddlers keep an extra pair handy. Somehow, my toddler Penguin got a shoes bites in his comfy shoes. It was surprise and thankfully I had extra one in bag.

Sunscreen and insect repellent:

Knowing the day can be sunny, it’s good to wear sunscreen and reapply every 2-4 hours. I kept one handy for Mr. Fabulous and me. For toddler we used Mamaearth mineral based sunscreen. Few tourist spots do have bug and mosquitoes, so it’s better to be safe, and have insect repellent spray or lotion or fabric rub handy. We used Mamaearth natural insect repellent for babies on Penguin. We were happy with results.

Portable fan:

When we started roaming streets of Hong Kong, exploring vegetarian food options and go awe of sites. It was only Penguin and I, Mr. Fabulous joined only during evenings or on weekends. I noticed people carrying small cute portable fans around, but didn’t thought much about it. Then it rained heavily for an hour followed by bright sunny day like whoosh and the humidity with sun was bad. Later, keeping that portable fan really help me with toddler Penguin.

Additional tips for parents travelling with young kids –

If you have kids with you like us, Hong Kong is stroller friendly. We prefer baby wearing, or rather say toddler wearing our Penguin. We packed our travel friendly Soul Slings full buckle carrier. It is light and compact. I packed it in our diaper bag, use it and roll back in bag again. If you wish you can read my take on the carrier here – “Soul Slings full buckle review – Toddler wearing”.

Cuddles and fun with Soul Slings baby carrier.

Also, keep some snacks handy. We used to carry milk packets and the Mumumco crunchies as snacks for Penguin.

Tourist tip –

While you enjoy the place, food, transportation remember that at restaurants you are expected to share table. You might share table with strangers and it’s okay.

Hong Kong has No tax, no tip rule. So, pay the exact in your bill.

Happy vacation!



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