A man with no face


Coffee was getting cold. It was windy outside. Suhas and Pramila are sitting across the table at Shiny café like old days. Ironically, their days aren’t shiny anymore. They were here to annul their marriage of 2 weeks.

Worried Suhas mustered the courage to repeat same words again, “You sure?”. Pramila murmured “Yes”. He didn’t miss her glistened eyes nor did she overlooked how he was cracking his knuckles. Yet they never made eye contact.

Both were heartbroken. 6 years of friendship, 2 years of courtship diminished in 2 weeks.

Two souls were crumbling. Like a zombie, they were ready to sign legal papers. As that was the blackmailer’s demand.

Who would have thought one video shot in Suhas’s smartphone can alter their life? A lost mobile without password protection gave access to stranger have a peep in their private moments. Next day an email appeared demanding money and indecent favors.

Should they ask the police for help? Could they explain to their family why they are separating? Or rather they would bow down to every sickening demand of extortionist? They were too shocked to react and respond. A man with no face uprooted dreams and happiness.

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  1. A good initiative taken by you to share the information to stay safe while capturing the intimate moments of their life! Capturing isn’t actually necessary to be safe always! But when they haven’t done a mistake why should they separate during the time of hardship is the question over here! The writing is so powerful where I’m able to visualize the scenes!

  2. My question was also why are they parting ways and will the extortion stop if they did that? But then I read the comments and your replies. Really does depict how extortion can done in more ways than one, not just money. Really chilling short story!

  3. This happens in real life as well, that’s why you should protect your private moments and phones always with passwords. It’s not safe. great write up

  4. Such a sad story! Even if you format your phone then also hackers can get such private things so better dont record your private moments ever. A small incident can make your life worst.


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