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What is “Life with my Penguin”

Hello there! Namaste!

I am Pragnya and thank you for dropping by.

I have been in the World of Blogging actively for few months now. You might have seen me (optimistic enough) in Well, after 68 posts, few drafts in my previous blog and after months of confusion around the debate of free vs self-hosted. I choose later.

I write about my parenting journey, and revolving around failures, un-learning and learning new ways. Add to it, book reviews, activities, travelogues. As I adopted “Slow living and Minimalism”, I am going to share that in the blog too.

Why do I blog?

I started blogging about a year old. I am someone who has heard concerned words on ‘infertile’. Later had multiple miscarriages, a difficult IUGR pregnancy and then an SGA baby. My trouble continued as I nursed him to various degrees. I was sinking with PPD. My Maa suggested me to share my story with everyone. And I did after recovery.

With passing time, I realized the bibliophile in me was surfacing again. My aspiring dream to write itched me. I started penning more poems and fictions.

Today, I blog, because I love it. It excites me. I blog as I get a chance to share my views, lessons from failure and struggles, and ideas. As I blog, my words get a chance to travel around the globe.

It gives me a purpose. A reason to look forward in my daily mundane life. I come across like minded people, read their thoughts and share mine. It actually gave me a new identity. I feel brave as I share my imperfectly perfect works.

I enjoy the freedom of expression in blogging world. It is the place where I get to learn something new uninterruptedly and share it again to next eager learners.

Do join me in this journey. I would need your continuous love and support.


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