Beauty mantra with motherhood

As a teen, I never cared about my skin. Hey, my mom was there. I was at home those days and mom made all DIY face packs. My job was just to wash out once it dries. Easy naa?

Fast forward, 15 years later, I have a baby, I haven’t slept all night from ages. I was weighting heaviest in my life, skin looked dull and not to forget that hair fall. Do you share a similar heart-breaking story? You are just tired of your own zombie look! So, here is 5 slow yet steady beauty mantras for you Mamma, to look-and-feel awesome.

  1. Hydration and exercise

Water is essential for all. A new mom or mom of teen both needs ample water. We all have read and few must have practiced drinking 8 glasses of water. Easy drink it in and get glowy clear skin out. Next would be exercise. Our host Zainab do surely speak about this a lot. As a new mom thriving without any help, I find it tough to exercise, so I take walk with my child. I used to carry him in baby carrier and walk around the block twice a day. The morning fresh crisp air and sun do give a freshness to mundane life. Remember to pat your sunblock too.

  1. Face massage

Motherhood is 24/7 job and plucking out ME time for some time keeps me sane. Most new moms would agree, right? After rushed mornings or while baby is busy with a toy or having tummy time give yourself a face massage. It would take max of 5 mins and you totally deserve that. Take your regular face creme and genteelly with your fingertips give yourself a massage. Relax your tired muscles, improve your blood circulation and get a natural face-lift. You can do it with essential oils and carrier oil mix too. In your CTM routine add this facial massage.

  1. Weekly Honey-cinnamon face pack

Thankfully many services are available in doorstep today. So, you can book an appointment in app and get it. But if you are like me whose baby decides to skip his nap the day you book appointment or plans to stay glued to you the same day.

Take a weekly skincare regime where you can get a good skin from kitchen shelves. All you need would be a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Apply a thick layer and wash off after 10-15 minutes. Viola! If you feel itchy with cinnamon, skip it. Apply honey with few drops of lemon and wash after some time. Honey is great for skin filled with anti-oxidant and boon for acne prone skin like me.

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  1. Curry leaves infused Coconut hair oil

Coconut oil is great. Our grandmothers used to swear by its properties. With changing times, we neglected the humble coconut oil for over-priced quick fix branded solutions. During pregnancy hormones favor most women and hair is shiny and voluminous, however post-pregnancy hair fall is common woe.

Here is another old fix for healthy hair, take a handful of washed and air-dried curry leaves and boil in coconut oil. Remember not to burn the mix, keep the flame low. Keep the oil away from direct sunlight in clean container. You can filter the leaves out. I like to keep the leaves in oil mix. It’s good to use for 2-3 months in a go.

  1. Smile

Motherhood is hard, days go from clear skies to blasting volcanoes. But this all is a phase. I live everyday chanting this as a mantra. Nothing can beat a heartfelt smile in gloomy tough days. If you wish to smile brighter, color your lips in your favorite shade and give a coat of mascara. You can make gloomy days shine bright. Stay happy mamma!

As a mother, what’s your top beauty mantra? Tell me in comments. Do share this post with someone you love and need this.

Happy motherhood!!

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  1. Neem leaves are great for hair and with cocunut oil it becomes magical. I agree smile is the biggest strength for a mother. Thank Pragnya for participating in the blog anniversary celebrations.

  2. Can honey be applied on a sensitive and acne prone skin too, please tell. I like the tip of curry leaves too. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Motherhood is not an easy job. And its really hard to take care of yourself during the first 6 months. So we should manage time for ourselves. It is good to follow a proper skin care routine.

  4. This is a really helpful post for all new moms, especially the breast feeding ones like me who prefer all natural products than the chmeical laden creams and lotions. cocunut oil has been my friend since pregnancy days . great tips


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