Book review – Encounters Of A Fat Bride

Title:                      Encounters Of A Fat Bride

Author:                Samah

Genre:                  Indian, Fiction, Humour

Publisher:            Penguin Random House India 2017



Encounters Of A Fat Bride is a light-hearted read. Madhurima ‘Madhu’ Pandey is the 25 years old over-weight protagonist. Just like an average Indian family, her family is eager to get her married. Soon the tea parade starts as family invites queue of potential grooms for Madhu. She is body shamed by prospective family-in-law who have a dreamy mindset for bride. After bargaining time to do a M.B.A she tries to put a pause, if not stop, the wedding nag. Then comes the boy who is good-looking, well-educated with a rising career, Harsh. Yet, witty Madhu could smell foul. Her bruised self-image could not accept that a normal (according to her) boy and his family would embrace her with the 93 kilos.

Does she become a bride? Why is she reluctant about Harsh? This is her story as she lives up her Indian dreamy wedding saga.

Stories around arranged marriages are not new. The plot is cliché with twist. Moreover, the book deals with major issues of marriage pressure, apprehension to physical appearance, body-image, dowry and mental well-being. However, these topics are covered with ease flow in the story. It is a good read with humour. Straight forward.


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