Young hearts

Yellow rose

I am waiting for him. The first period of the day is about to start. He is never late to school, I wonder what happened. Then I look over his seat a little far from mine. Wow, he got so many roses. Why wouldn’t he, he is the Adonis of the school. And in the pile of red roses, my yellow one is looking beautiful. All I hope is that he likes it. But where is he?

And then he entered behind the teacher. I never had the courage to look at him, not even now. But at least today I want to see his reaction. To my disappointment, I had to wait until the class ends. By now three classes are over, though I saw he swiped all flowers to next seat I never saw those eyes.

Recess is going to finish yet nothing. After finishing my lunch box I took a walk. On returning my face was blooming. I see the same yellow rose on my seat. But was it him! Maybe it is my friend who is playing a prank. Still, my heart is dancing and mind confused.

This is the Chapter 1 of the series “Young Hearts”.


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