Curious ones

Little Raju was upset. No one helps him.

Curiosity of this master wasn’t much appreciated.

Not that it was always like this.

4 years old used to ask why flowers smell,

Why dogs bark, why sun goes away every evening!

Now people avoid his questions.

Not because they don’t like him.

But his questions scare them.

Little lad has started asking what ifs?

What if all human gets big elephant head?

What if he can read mind of others?

What if one can see smell?

Will fish smell look green?

Wish roses smell be pink?

Eagerness of Raju needed a teacher.

One who could answer his what, why, how and what ifs.

And one fine day, a teacher found him.

That day and further they spoke about what ifs.

Today, he is shining bright.

Thankfully, he got a teacher.

People are grateful for his work in medicines.

Every kid is Raju. Curious to know more, curious to explore and learn. Unfortunately, their eagerness dies a slow death with lack of education and structured guidance. When wise ones said future is with kids, it was true. However, we need to make effort is raising a healthy and strong new generation. Making a beautiful world. Kudos, to all parents and caregivers, teachers and guide, who help Raju and likes nourish.

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16 thoughts on “Curious ones”

  1. Curiosity is the mother of invention. It is great that Raju had a curious mind. But for his sake, let us not pray for a gift to know other person’s mind. There is so much muck, that any sane person will go nuts if he knew what his friend / neighbour / partner is thinking.

  2. At that age, everything is a new experience for a child and they are curious about it all. We should nurture amd encourage their curiosity, no matter how tough it gets sometimes to answer all those questions.

  3. What a beautiful write up. Being curious is in the nature of every kid and we should encourage them more because the more they are curious the more they will learn.


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