Dawn: The Warrior Princess of Kashmir by Rakesh K Kaul – Book Review

When one thinks of a serene place on Earth, it is Kashmir. The picturesque beauty holds spectators spellbound. Kashmir is known yet unknown to us. More of the latter part. The culture and traditions are acknowledged by less population. Surely lot of us are unaware of Niti stories too. Here comes a book about a princess who fights against evil forces heading towards apocalypse, Dawn the warrior princess of Kashmir.

Dawn the warrior princess of Kashmir
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Book: Dawn: The Warrior Princess of Kashmir

Author: Rakesh K Kaul

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Genre: Children’s book | Science Fiction | Traditional stories

Reader’s age: 14 years +

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My take on “Dawn: The Warrior Princess of Kashmir by Rakesh K Kaul”

On Dawn’s 16th birthday she encounters two strange beings. They urge her to fight the Troika and state the claim of being the long-lost princess of Kashmir. The malicious trio – Dushita (overlord), Alman (AI machine) and Arman (cruel leader), have manipulated history, the human mind, and Niti stories. They rule over the world heading towards the Great Apocalypse where women are killed and men have lost souls.

In this masterpiece work of Rakesh K Kaul, he attempts to weave a futuristic world that originated from the once-flourishing Kingdom of Kashmir. Add on metaphysics, time travel, technology, and mystical essence.

If you are expecting a quick read looking a 250 or so page. Hang on! This book is deep. A reader would take time to absorb the wisdom woven.

Though this book aims for the younger mass above 14 years if you like sci-fi mystical books do give this one a read.

Rating 3.5/5

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  1. All that my kids know about Kashmir is through the news or pictures. This book sounds like a good way to introduce fiction + real places to them. Thanks for recommending it. I’ll read it to my daughters soon.


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