Festivals of India by Sonia Mehta: Book review

Title: Festivals of India

Author: Sonia Mehta

Genre: Children’s book

Publishers: Puffin Books

Reader level: 8+ years

Festivals, the time when we are eager to share our joy, spend time with family and friends. Thrown in all your reasons to enjoy homemade feast, desserts and unwind.

India is a fascinating country. It’s the land of diversity. Indians celebrate numerous festivals the entire year. Festivals may be celebrated due to religious reasons, mostly. However, they bring the family together and unwind the monotony of life.

Festivals also are the reason that keeps us connected with roots, philosophy, and origin. Upon celebrating these festivals, we are passing our culture to kids. Preserving it.

Festivals of India by Sonia Mehta Book review
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Sonia Mehta has done a commendable job, again. Her series of Discover India with Mishki, Pushka and wise Daadu Dolma is back. In the book “Festivals of India”, she takes readers to celebrations from January to December across the nation. Starting from Lohri to Christmas. Also, there are tribal festivals. The book surely is the fruits of intense research.

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She revisits the festivals with the stories behind the celebrations, the essence of it and a special feast made.

The book is full of colorful illustrations, fun quizzes, facts, sudoku, spot the difference, etc making the book interesting for readers.

If you are a parent looking out to introduce India, the traditions, and festivals celebrate, you must get this book.

The book is aimed for readers 8 + years, though the illustrations are catchy for younger audiences and information for all age groups.

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