Five gifting ideas for an expecting mother

When I was expecting our Penguin, I was too worried about my pregnancy and never thought about the next phase. Thankfully I had my Maa, she cleaned all necessary clothing for new-born. She hand-made and ordered few nappies for the baby. I never thought how to relax and enjoy the moment. A big regret now! When my sister was pregnant I gifted her a nursing pillow and thought it would be useful for her. Alas, she never used it for her C-section trauma. Next, my dear friend was expecting and I made a major list for her. I was her listmaker. Yes, her essentials for new-born, hospital bag items all was listed. Hope it helps, she is still a momma-to-be. Pray!

Life happened and somehow, I couldn’t meet her till she left the town to go to her mumma’s place. And I got knocked by divine interventions that I should have gifted her something for this pregnancy phase. I am always the stupid friend with late realization. Fast forward I sent something to her while she is now sitting hundred kilometers away to pamper her.

I made this list only for the mom-to-be as they keep themselves real busy till end to stay prepared for baby. Packing hospital bags or buying-prepping new born essentials etc. Thus, this one is exclusive ideas for expecting moms.

Here is my list that I feel every expecting mother REALLY need

  1. Spa at home.

Pamper your friend with SPA at home. She would love the manicure, pedicure, hair spa and more. In India one can opt for Urbanclap (Non-Sponsored). These days local parlours  also provide services at home in small cities. Book one for the mom-to-be.

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  1. Healthy snack box

With pregnancy many mom-to-be have an urge to munch at odd hours. Most ladies end up with unhealthy food choices. You can fill the space next to her bed with super healthy snacks for midnight or any other time hunger. She would thank you later. A healthy eating habit is much advised, also most ignored during hungers bouts. You can choose a mix of dry fruits or snack bars.

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  1. Books, CDs and classes on pregnancy and baby

A first-time mom might find comfort in books having vast content on pregnancy and the fourth trimester. Even a second time or more mom would appreciate a handy book. Few of my preferred choices were

  • Pregnancy notes: Before, During and After by Rujuta Diwekar (You can check it here)
  • The classic, What to expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff (link)
  • Mindful Parenting: The first 1000 days by Suchitra Shenoy (link)
  • The pregnancy handbook for Indian moms: A doctor’s answers to all your questions by Dr. Vinita Salvi (here)
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Additionally, you can buy CDs or pendrives with music for pregnant mother. Garbha sanskar is an ancient Indian prenatal and pregnancy parenting science. It is a set of practices for all round sound development of baby in the womb. You can buy books or CDs for same, providing a link here. At few places in India Garbha Sanskar classes are also conducted. Book one for the mom-to-be.

  1. Maternity photoshoot

The time when mother-to-be is all set to become the new cherished baby is heartwarming. She is filled with glowing heart and growing baby keeps tiring her all time. That time is best moment to frame. Keep all those moments in a beautiful professional shot. Book any good maternity photographer near you and help the parents to treasure the time.

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  1. Girlfriends party

Hang out with your girlfriend pamper her every wish. Laze around on pyjamas and talk nine to dozen. Your friend would love you for the quality time you kept just for her. Nothing makes her feel wanted beautiful and happy more than a warm hug. Keep showering her compliments, real ones. Take her to a walk around the block or nearest café joint. Sip a coffee and talk like old days.

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I felt all those ideas are absolutely adorable for an expecting mom. I saved the best one for my friend. As I mentioned she is far away, also she neglects her skincare a lot. Thus, I sent a complete care pregnancy gift box for her. I really hope she loves it. It is The Moms Co. Pregnancy Gift Box for Expectant Mothers, 3-in-1 Baby Shower Set, All-Natural & Toxin-Free, Includes Calming Body Wash, Body Butter, and Stretch Oil. I have used the baby care products of this brand and like it. So, thought to pamper my dear friend something from their pregnancy care range.

Let me know if you like any of my gifting ideas. Also, do share you have any more awesome ideas which would be great for an expecting mother.

Stay blessed!


23 thoughts on “Five gifting ideas for an expecting mother”

  1. My favorites are Spa treatment and Girls Party. After taking up mommy role, the new born takes the front seat and for a couple of months or sometimes for a few years, the new mommy is not able to pamper herself or think of having relaxing time with her girl friends. These two options seems very thoughtful to me.
    #MothersGurukulreads #MyFriendAlexa

  2. These are such super ideas and they’re just not gifts but “thoughtful” gifts. Gifts speak volumes about the care and thought that goes behind them. These are brilliant ideas which any pregnant lady would appreciate. Loved each one of them. Highly recommend your blog to new mommies. You’ve put in a lot of effort. Will be following you through. Cheers!

    Dipali ( )

  3. I loved all your new mom gift suggestions, dear. Specially a surprise photoshoot is something that will stay by her for life.

  4. The healthy snackbox and a girl’s party sound so much cool and I would definitely try these out for my known pregnant girls.


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