Incredibles – Superpowers I would like to get in 2019

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It’s already 10 pm, our family of three are done with dinner. Finally, my chores are done for the day. I hope to read a few pages of a book. Let me first take a deep breath. Phew!

I have just opened it and my 2 years toddler, the Penguin, jumped over me. I so wanted to whisper scream that husband of mine named Mr. Fabulous as – What? Why? I had just sat. Remember the sluggish one and he tagged behind a toddler.

Ahh!! I want to hide away somewhere. God, dear almighty, are you watching me? Can you please bestow me some superpowers? The universe conspired and am blinded by the light. I can’t see anything, but there is distinctive petrichor lingering around. Oh no! did I die? Before I could ramble more, I hear…
Ask away, what superpower you want? Stop thinking boloney. I am your God.

Earlier I wanted a thousand things and now I am blank. A few moments later greed creeps in my system.

Thanking him right away. I begged the Almighty for a few superpowers.

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“Stretchy” power

How I wish I can stretch my hands and get the plates from the top shelf. Imagine feeding a toddler and getting that wipe from the bedroom. If I could stretch like Plastic man, I could have saved all trouble.

Night vision

I am tired of stepping on small toys creeping out at night. Once I can get night vision, those toys won’t break, my foot would be saved and Penguin won’t cry the next morning. Hell, I could even enjoy reading a physical book other than eBooks after little one sleeps.

Mind control

What fun it would be to control your spouse and his clan! Can I do that with his boss too? I want a work-life balance. Penguin is 2 and acts like a teen. I can use this power well.


Every human needs it. I am no exception. I want to let-go many things, give second chances but patience evaporates fast.

Feel good inside out

Is there are superpower like this? I hope it does. Living to everyone’s expectations, having lots of hopes form others and subsequent friction it pushes us to dark alleys. I want to feel happy not because of situations but choices.
That’s surprising! I remember you asking time to stop when your crush was on screen. Then one day you cried with Penguin because you were unable to understand him, asking me to make you omni-linguist.

Embarrassed me wanted to add get-invisible-when-wish to the list now. But I know I really don’t want those now. I could only nod and imagined the almighty smirk before … Ouch! It hurts! Who poked my eye?

Are you hurt Maa? I want to pee.

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I was daydreaming again. Mr. Fabulous yelled from kitchen “Baby what to cook today?” Fixing Penguin, I took a step towards the kitchen and paused. Hesitating for a while I lifted my right hand to open the refrigerator door standing in the bedroom. At that moment …
I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
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0 thoughts on “Incredibles – Superpowers I would like to get in 2019”

  1. Hahaha..that was an interesting and hilarious read. Great word selection and the humor you added was so apt.
    I totally understand a life with the toddler…:)

  2. Enjoyed your post dear. I can very well relate to stepping on all types of toys like building blocks and legos, getting hurt and also handling the crying the child who is upset with broken toys. Definitely the power of going invisible when we want helps us to beat the stress 🙂

  3. Lovely post dear and I alsways feel good after reading your post. it seems you are a very hard working and creative person and I simply adore these qualities. now, coming to post the last point is really apealing, I would love to get the power of feeling good inside out. its most amazing and incredible feeling. #NYR2019

  4. A novel take on the Superpowers prompt. Equal parts funny AND imaginative, with the ‘Stream of Consciousness’ style being the proverbial icing on the cake.

    Thumbs Up!

  5. Streching and night vision are super cool! I can think of so many benefits. No need to run to the door everytime it rings 🙂 I can feel you, but remember this too shall pass.

  6. This is such a cute post. It’s the story of each mom and the super powers she always dream of having. Very nicely written

  7. Hilarious loved it. I am sure we all moms wants all the superpowers mentioned here and for me especially the patience one.

  8. Lovely post! I have a 20 month old too, I could relate to the end line though!! 🙂 I prefer the reading on Kindle to books now. Though I love my paperbacks, I just don’t even have the energy to sit and read by the end of the day. Back in bed with Kindle is my choice of reading! I don’t mind the mind control, but I wish it is just one-sided! 😉

  9. Hahaha… wish all your wishes come teue!
    Super powers that are need based are bound to strike a chord with everyone. Very well articulated.

  10. You are so creative and it was such a funny read!! I felt so refreshing after reading your post. I cant believe I found such amazing bloggers through this blog train. I can so relate to these super powers specifically night vision and stretching.

  11. This post made me laugh out loud, made my day for sure. I’m yet to enter mommy phase but have friends who are mommies and have heard a lot about toddler and their secret wishes just like your superpowers :p
    #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

  12. That was a hilarious post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Hope you attempt more such humorous and witty pieces. You have it in you to deliver them!

  13. “Penguin is 2 and acts like teen. I can use this power well.” – I so love this line. I really wish I could transfer my little ones energy, especially, when they are about to sleep. When you are about to die, the moment you hit on the bed, they have immense energy to do HW, to pee, to poo and everything under the sun that you have been asking him to do since morning..This power of kids will help me in getting work done from kids themselves. 😛


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