Journey of life, so far.

Three decades of my life had been quite a thing. As I try to recollect my life, I had achieved a few childhood goals, made few great friends and have crawled back from dark abyss. So, have tasted sweet-sour-bitter moments.

Born as a girl, I have seen my parents struggling for their daughters. They were often ridiculed by others for providing us education, freedom and support. I am really grateful to my parents for standing by me.

One can say am even luckier after marriage, Mr. Fabulous try making conscious effort to have our life warm and comfortable. It’s no joke to quit a 9-5 regular job and do Masters after marriage. Handling studies, internships, research projects and in-laws is tough job. So, Mr. Fabulous a big thump’s up for being there.

When I used to think, Oh God this is so tough! Why did I scored a A, I deserved A+? Life is unfair and all. God said, my child let me show you what failure is and how tough you are. Then my life got a sharp U-pin bend.

It was like I have stepped in unknown land and don’t know where to go. Now, it feels as it was similar to Alice 😲 . After those three years of struggle, I am now so grateful to life, family and God.

Now am trying to cross the bridge as it comes. Living this moment to fullest as now am Maa to my little Penguin.

Stay tuned for next update.


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