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Mr. Big by Ed Vere: Children book review

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Looks are deceptive. Small ones aren’t always cute neither large one’s are scary. And here is the story of a big Gorilla who is judged based on his size, till others realized his worth.

Presenting *Mr. Big by Ed Vere*

The big strong gorilla, Mr. Big is introduced to young readers by the storyteller in first page. He is a loner. Animals around him are scared of him BECAUSE he is BIG. At the park, café or bus no one dares to stay near him. No one tried to understand him over his size and he was an absolute outsider.

Accepting his abandoned life, he seeks solace in company of a piano. The piano was big and lonely in a shop, just like him. As he poured his pain in tunes of piano, others who had shunned him earlier noticed it. Soon, Mr. Big receives an invitation to join a jazz band. He became a popular performer and found acceptance, friendship and appreciation. His life transformed.

It’s a pretty simple story with bold illustrations and deeper message. A book showing hope, difference by face value, tolerance, rejection and bully.

Mr. Big can be associated with the kids who lack or own chubby cheeks or one who is tall or short from rest of his/her friends. All rejected, questioned and cornered without a thought.

Reader can’t ignore how Mr. Big was playing piano beside the window and there were few more windows in the place but none of them belonged to his friends. Heart breaking.

Words of wisdom – “A TRUE friend can come in any SHAPE or SIZE…”

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