Nurturing roots for our children

“The best thing parents can do for their children is give them roots and wings.”

Parents are the way to bring a new life to the world. They nurture the little ones. And with the blink of eye time flies. Newborns grow as young adults who move out of nest and weave a new world. We do not own any kids. But we do pass our love, heritage and culture to them. (Add family name to the list too). They soak in some tradition and make few new one as they live.

Early years is the time when children learn most. Especially through play as it meets the PILES i.e. Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social need of children. The curious mind of children explores and learn. As parents we can connect them with strong roots with play. And nurture those roots regularly.

Sharing 5 daily ways to practise with kids and give them strong roots. It works for me and it was practiced by my parents. Hope it can help some parents and caregivers.


As parents we put so much effort on physical and mental growth, honing our kids motor skills, encouraging them to be social. But another neglected aspect is spiritual growth. By spiritual, I don’t mean reciting verses of religious books or going to religious places blindly or following every religious festival for fun. If you are doing few of those or all it is indeed great. But what about developing higher awareness of self, the inner being. Prayer is a way to express gratitude and it also helps in getting closer to inner self. Prayers helps us to realize inner strength. And it is a lifelong practice. But an early exposure would definitely help. Hope I make sense! We practice prayer after morning bath and Penguin follow us. He is too young to understand concept of God or spirituality but with time he would learn this. Remember, an early start.

Mountain yoga pose as salutation to God


An elementary hygiene helps us to prevent many diseases. A neat and clean home, clean air and clean drinking water are basic needs for all. And maintaining the environment around us need effort. When kids are involved in sustaining healthy home and neighborhood, they would realize its worth. Start small. We try to keep Penguin involved in household chores like dusting and wiping. You can read about it here.

Putting fallen leaves at park in bin

Practice the golden words

Words are influential. They can make or break relations. So, practicing the golden words of Thank you, Sorry and Please are essential. They show how grateful, regretful or requesting one is to other. These words help us a lot in playground. Penguin says a gibberish thanks to older kids and soon they are friends.

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Sadly, we adults unknowingly discriminate a lot. I don’t want to dig deep in this. You can introspect. Recently, I came across few kids asking the only girl in group to leave as they were playing football. Many households keep separate crockery for domestic helps. Household chores to be done by ladies at home. When as parents, grandparents, aunts-uncles we show kids that people should be treated by their gender, earning and social status. Kids grow watching same and practice the same. No brainer in this. Teaching to treat all equally with respect is a huge responsibility. We as adults have to unlearn few things and then show it.

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Help others

Why help others? And why bother kids to help? There is saying “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a life time, help somebody.”  Serving others help you to feel good about yourself. It strengthens a positive bonding. And it need not to be something huge. Help others with a smile and brighten their day. Pass on your unused yet function-able items to needful. Helping your parents, siblings, cousins or friends with some chores. And kids follow the monkey see, monkey do rule. So, needless to say they would acquire the skill.

As we practice together, we as family grow together. While embedding these roots to your kid’s personality, remember to teach that, praying never mean escaping from responsibilities. Help and respect others but do stand your ground.


How do you make sure to nurture your kid’s roots as they grow? Let me know your practices and views.

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  1. An apt post with extremely relevant points. Though I sometimes wonder if we are instilling religion as a priority by aksing them to pray, but then kids are too young to differentiate between religion and spirituality. In due course of time, they will understand the difference. If we wish them to, that is

  2. Some very important and valid points for keeping in mind while raising a child. The most important ones I found were the ones on hygiene and respect. Somehow we all tend to disrespect our domestic helps and people whom we consider below our economic strata. All human beings are essentially equal in the eyes of god and the law and we have to pass on this message to our children.

  3. Excellent post. As parents, we are not only responsible for our kids but the impact they are going to leave on the future. Respecting others, saying thanks and sorry and please, sharing with others are very important things every kid has to understand and learn. Also, they have to learn to be considerate and empathise with others’ plight, not laugh at others’ woes etc… Kudos for writing this.

  4. Beautiful thoughts here. If we inculcate habits like maintaining cleanliness and good personal hygiene, respecting elders and expressing gratitude for being blessed in life, they sure will grow up into positive and responsible human beings.

  5. Being a momma of twin toddlers, I always try to inculcate the best habits in my kids. The points you have shared will lay the foundation of an empathic, grounded and considerate human being. Beautifully described.

  6. This is a very helpful post for moms rying to teach about their roots to their kids. I am currently teaching my 3 yr old his National anthem and he is doing a good job at it so far

  7. Cleanliness :’) if only I had been taught that when I was a kid; I wouldn’t be living in the trash can I have around me now.

    My niece has a lot of these traits and I feel proud that my sister managed to inculcate all these habits in her from a young age.

  8. I agree with everything here. But, m a bit skeptical on teaching my kids about helping others. The way the world is going I feel scared what problem(if it all) helping a stranger or even known could bring on a person. But again, perhaps I can encourage to help n the situations will teach them whether to consider helping or no.


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