Top 5 reasons to travel with kids

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Often people say, it’s so difficult to travel with kids. A few of my friends waited for years to visit a restaurant or go on a vacation. I do agree, traveling with children is quite intimating for first-timers. As parents, we have to pack every baby essential. While we have a few pretty good reasons to travel often with kids.

Not boasting, but it’s true that Penguin was 3 months old when we started traveling. He enjoys long drives, ferry rides, cable car hops, bus and train rides. Our flight journey is always a social affair for my toddler. He would love to run around the airport and talk with co-passengers. We are always ready for trips. In fact, one of our diaper bags is always packed for a day trip. We do carefully make plans when we travel to new places.

Penguin is 2 now, yet he takes his own time to adjust in a new bed, new climate and all. That’s not unexpected. In our earlier experiences, we had seen a crying-for-hours infant, throwing up in middle of night toddler and a blissfully jumping boy till early mornings. We are getting better each time and I have no regrets about those dreadful nights.

Top 5 reasons to travel with my toddler

Why travel with toddler
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Experience something new

Living in a city, my child is exposed to public parks, high-end malls, and populated roads. Travelling takes us to beaches, hill stations, and new spots. As our children grow, they might not remember how they ran on beaches or climbed trails. But they would surely learn something new. Invite them to explore on their own (within your sight), raise the curiosity bar and let kids play. Watch a new dance, try a new dish, involve in a new thing during travel. Our trip to Hong Kong was the most memorable one, Penguin was fascinated by places like Tian Tan Buddha. If you are planning a Hong Kong vacation do check here.

Hong Kong travel
Penguin at Hong Kong Museum of History


While, we grownups take time to adjust to new places, food. Our little ones catch up pretty quick. Adapting to new people, culture, food and even time zone. With passing time, they do get better. Studies say, traveling helps kids to be flexible. That’s another bonus.

Slow down

Even though I adopted the slow approach in life since months, still nothing like a vacation with kids that slows us smoothly. We can stay at the beach for hours, keep plucking strawberries and collect fallen leaves, roll over slopes all day and still giggle. We got all the time to unwind. Kids love their new experiences.

Seen the unseen

You might have visited a destination couple of times and think to go with a kid there is nothing new to check out. Then, let the child take lead and show you the beauty of things that were right next to you but never noticed earlier.

Travel ferris wheel
Penguin at Hong Kong Observation Center

Connect with friends and make some new

Kids make friends easily and quickly, or maybe that’s introvert Maa thoughts. But whenever we travel with friends and their kids, Penguin gels greatly with them. And when we travel alone, he can make co-passengers or anyone his friend in minutes. Guess all toddlers are that way.

Travel with toddler
Penguin with his friend

I hope you travel the world with your children. What are your reasons to travel with kids?

Happy traveling!


22 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons to travel with kids”

  1. I completely agree. I have travelled a lot with my family and kids and it’s so important to travel with kids to make them little explorers.

  2. Completely agree. Travelling with kids is fun and memorable. I’ve seen parents waiting for the kids to grow up and those who leave them to elders and go on a trip themselves. But I chose the other path to travel with the kid when she was 5 months.

  3. These are some great reasons to travel with toddlers. I agree that toddlers do enjoy a lot of things during such trips. I remember my kid was fascinated by sleeper buses and insisted we but one instead of a car!

  4. I totally agree with you, it is super fun to travel with kids. We always have the best experience, I feel it is a fabulous way to provide real-life experience to the child.

  5. Every child is different. I used to travel a lot with my daughter because she mixed up well with the situations, my husband changed his job twice and we visited three cities of India but at the same time, my son reacts slightly different.

  6. Travelling with kids can be hectic for most Parents but i believe we must not miss the joy and adventure that our babies will enjoy.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  7. Totally agree with each and every reason. We have been traveling with Karma since she was a baby. By the time she was 3, she had done 10 countries already and countless cities. And honestly, after every trip, we saw progress in her mental and physical development.

  8. Loved this post. I travel with my kids always too. It is important to help them see and experience different places and meet new people. Travel is the best teacher.

  9. Slowing down and spending little extra time on tjw little things and making memories and having new experiences is thw reason why you should travel

  10. Traveling with kid is a great fun. They learn new things and explore different places and culture at the same time


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