Scissor cutting activities for preschoolers

Around the age of 3 years or even younger is a good time to introduce scissors to children. Oh, are you scared to read why scissors? Is it safe to give one? Then let’s talk about scissor cutting activities for preschoolers.

By this time the child might have mastered the art of paper tearing. And if till now you have stopped them then you should allow them. Of course, give them the practice papers never a paperback book. Tearing paper is quite a satisfying activity. It even helps in pincer grasp, the fingers coordination.

Scissor cutting is the next level of tearing. Scissor is a tool. Initially, Its grip is tricky for toddlers and preschoolers. But this is an important skill to master.

Benefits of scissor cutting

The motion of cutting with the opening and closing of scissors helps in strengthening their hand muscles. A fine motor skill. This skill is a crucial element for pre-writing abilities. Cutting also helps develop hand-eye coordination. The child would hold the object to cut in one hand and eye over the scissor movement closely. Also, there the child practices bilateral coordination i.e. is the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time in a controlled and organized manner.

Safety with scissors

Always go for high-quality beginners scissors. One which has smooth open and close movement. Also, it has a short blunt tip. Penguin and I got started with this and later moved to one like this and another with cutting designs.

Scissor cutting activities

1 – Play-doh

Start with play-doh. They are good manipulatives. Let the child play with it and mold them. Encourage to roll them and cut them into small pieces.

2 – Plastic straws or wool strings

If you have few plastic straws in your kitchen get them at your kid’s work desk and practice some cutting. We switched to stainless steel ones over two years ago so we settle with wool strings.

scissor cutting activities
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Initially, it might be difficult for a child to cut independently. You can try sticking one end to a table and practice.

3 – Spaghetti

Get your leftover spaghetti for some fine motor skill practice.

4 – Grass (nature – flower, stem, leaves)

While going on a nature walk or morning walk grab your scissors along and cut down some weeds.

During monsoon, we look around for tall grass and wildflowers and cute them to make a bouquet.

5 – Paper

Add it in your busy bags, travel bags, and quite time.

Do share your ideas and thoughts about the activity.

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28 thoughts on “Scissor cutting activities for preschoolers”

  1. I agree that with age such activities should be included and in Viraj school too they did the same with plastic scissors!!

  2. It’s the right age to introduce the scissors. Actually cutting and playing with scissors is such a creative and magical activity for toddlers. However should be done under adult supervision

  3. Really I appreciate your efforts with Penguin. Paper tearing is the most favourite task of this age of kids. And you initiate the use of scissor very smarty but in a creative way. Very informative post for me. I will also try with my little one.

  4. All kids love to play around with scissors, and when they will get such lovely engaging activities to do it, why not. the benefits are quite motivating for parents to involve kids with scissors.


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