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Motherhood is an amazing experience. You puke your guts out during pregnancy. Later stay sleep deprived for months as new mom. Yet, you love your baby so much that it hurts. I am a toddler mom and it’s straight right insane to claim I love technology almost equally as my husband of 10 years. Coming from someone who is not techno freak, I feel it’s huge. Pretty crazy stuff, yeah.

Why do I love technology? Well, for starters it helped me staying well-balanced for long. It still does today. Let me be specific, why do I love SMART DEVICES?

Smart phone

After my son was born, I have literally spent hours sitting on a sofa with pillows around nursing him. I was bored to death as I can’t switch on T.V, even with lowest volume he used to wake up. When I tried reading books, imagine my horror he used to wake up on flipping pages. Smart phone was my rescue angle then. I could just watch any movie or series, read an e-book, browse information on the then parenting nightmares. The list would go on. Flashback, about twenty years ago when I moved to hostel during graduation, I didn’t have a mobile phone. I used to give missed call to my parent’s landline with codes to get a call. Single ring cut, call me today. Double ring, emergency. Then wait for warden to get a call back. Those were days when mobile phone was luxury.

Technology have grown leaps and bounds now. Forget mobile phone, smart phone has become a basic necessity. Where would you go if there is no GPS? What about those online shopping? Click and you are connected on calls, video chats, messages, and not to forget social media. However, it is easy to get lost in notification floods and social media scroll. Try to optimize apps, else how’s that smart.

Smart wearables

With motherhood and happy cuddles, came I-want-to-fit-back-in-dress saga. Most pre-pregnancy dresses no longer fit. A mom irrespective of kid’s age need to stay fit. Why stop on moms, we all dad, uncle, aunt, grandparents need to stay fit and healthy. We all adopt one or other way to reach fitness goals. What better way than wearing a band as you jog, walk, do yoga, climb or daily mundane activity? It would track your heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, blood pressure, exercise duration and much more. Moms would feel so kicked as you take every step. A-ah, nearing that well fitted dress. Further, make gesture and take call, check notification. So, one band leading fitness and medical health, check. There are even wearables which could sent GPS location in case of emergency.

For me it was all about fitness as I fitted back in age old dresses. #GetFitWithFlipkart

Smart home

Enjoying perks of a smart phone and wearables have made our family to dive on smart home. We are still working on it because it would be worthy of investments.

Leaving elders and young kids at home with domestic help has its own pros and cons. Get smart security system and keep an eye on activities. Thanks to technology, we can communicate via camera. Additionally, many smart homes are launched by real estate with video door or bell for security. Big thumps up for secure living!

Waking up in middle of night for a glass of water and bumping into chairs, eventually waking entire house is old story now. We got smart lights working on sensors. No more night adventure. Yay! I got another one to share here, we are reading folks at home. And reading by a cosy chair weekends are must-dos for us. We love how our room lightening adjusts for reading, dining and party. Same room, same light and 16 million color patterns. All with a click. Happy us.

What’s your favorite tune these days? I won’t say what’s mine. Apparently, our smart assistant is personal assistant for my toddler. Alexa sings “Wheels in the bus…” mostly. I am tired of singing it in loop all day. So, let assistant work.

Plans on smart plug is still on. I can no longer go to park or play area and keep thinking did I switched off the fans and what about the hall lights. Phew! Get it done smartly. Save electricity, money and planet.

smart mom with smart devices
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#SmartHomeRevolution is here and is going to stay long. Are you ready?


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  1. I am not a mum or anything close to one yet haha but you’re blog post is defo interesting! I’m sure I’ll look for it one day when I’ll be a mum as well xx thanks for sharing!


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