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I have been into cloth diapering for long now. We started when Penguin was 4 months old. Our stash has a major share of Superbottoms. I had shared this opinion about a year ago. Reposting it here.

When Penguin was born a year ago. We tried our best to keep him safe and sound. We used good quality baby care products, maintained hygiene and everything which was needed . I was staying with my parents, my bapa (father) promptly took charge of doing Penguin’s laundry. Every morning he cleaned the soiled cloth nappies, dipped those in pail of hot water followed by antiseptic liquids. This tiny sized baby was happily producing buckets of soiled laundry. Honestly, I didn’t bother the situation. I was barely surviving the feed-pee-feed-poop- sleep cycle.

But Penguin decided to add masala to our boring life. He began wailing before peeing and continued almost 20-30 minutes post-peeing. I was already overwhelmed with new motherhood and the new tadka was exhausting. He loved to wail especially when I felt sleepy or was actually sleeping (read midnight). Thus, disposable diapers entered our life. It was easy. Once soiled, I did the hard work of throwing in nearest bin. This continued till Penguin was about 3 months old. I didn’t have any thoughts to look for options till I stumbled on an article. I found that disposable diapers which ease my life by a fraction was hurting the environment a lot.

Disposable diapers

  • Loaded with chemicals
  • Hurts the environment
  • May cause diaper rash
  • Add-on purchases rash cream, wipes.

Then I searched for options till I found Superbottoms… through Instagram. Yup, that’s true. I discovered few other brands too but Superbottoms rule my Penguin’s diaper stash.

Superbottoms, a product review

Superbottoms is an Indian brand making Modern Cloth Diapering affordable, easy and stylish. They make high quality cloth diaper with a desi swag.

Just in case you are wondering what is Modern Cloth Diapering (MCD). I got you, I have been there.

MCD is langots remodeled in curved rectangles with leak-proof covers. Bonus point, it is chemical free and Eco-friendly. In the long run, it is pocket-friendly too.

I have been using it for around 7 months. I use all 3 variants – Cover, Pocket, and AIOs. We have almost every design, so you know my fandom. (winks)

Superbottoms review
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As this post is all about my opinion, so I won’t be going details with explaining the variants.

I stick to cover diapers and pocket diaper during day. Nap time is the diaper free one. And prefer AIOs are for night time.

I have found these doesn’t hurt my little man’s bum, our diaper rash cream has a permanent place in shelf and hardly moves. I being a busy lazy maa keep soiled diapers in a wet bag till they are overcrowded and dump in washing machine. Wipe the forehead after the workload. Additional point is I can easily adjust the size for my growing baby. One size fits for long.

But they do have few cons,

  • Camera and mobile memory slots would be filled with cute bum shots. Mine had!
  • You would fall for every quirky design and might become impulsive buyer. There goes the saving 😐
  • You would plan baby outfits, match the diaper and dress.

If you can adjust the few grey side of MCD 😉go for it. It is worthy. I can recommend it to my friends.

A special mention to Superbottoms team who give prompt response to my queries over WhatsApp. Customer service on point.

This is an honest non-sponsored review about the product. This is a repost.


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