The Book of Dust, Volume two, The Secret Commonwealth by Philip Pullman – Book Review

When you have a long weekend to unwind away from the monotony of life, grab the second installment of The Book of Dust, The Secret Commonwealth by Philip Pullman and enter a new mystical parallel universe.

The Book of Dust
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Book: The Secret Commonwealth

Author: Philip Pullman

Publisher: Penguin and David Fickling Books

Genre: Children’s fantasy

Reader’s age: 12 years +

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My take:

Reading, absorbing and moving to the next chapter has been a task. The reason to say so is not those almost 700 pages, rather it is hard to put down once you start. Though it pays well. Yet there are moments when things go dissolve with intense details and reading on becomes tedious.   

Philip Pullman is a master in creating mystical worlds. The book La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One had Lyra as a baby. This book is a sequel set twenty years apart.

His protagonist, Lyra Belacqua, now a young girl must travel beyond the Oxford boundaries. She and her daemon, Pantalaimon, whom she calls” Pat” travels across Eurasia facing dark forces of Magisterium, discovering secrets in the heart of a desert and more curveballs.

The book is fascinating. Surely, keeps you enthusiastic to know what’s next except few portions. Still gripping. There are conflicts within personality and setting. By the end, you would see ties closing that was unseen and the correlation of events. 

Of course, I want to read the next part of Lyra and Malcolm’s future, waiting for the next (few) years.

By the way, Lyra is one of the coolest heroines in children and fantasy fiction. A strong feminist who is complex and defy female stereotypes. 

Rating 4/5

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30 thoughts on “The Book of Dust, Volume two, The Secret Commonwealth by Philip Pullman – Book Review”

  1. I haven’t read the first part. I hope that wouldn’t be an issue in reading this one. The book does sound very interesting. Strong female characters always appeal to me.

  2. This is my son’s fav genre buddy, I will tell him about both the volumes and I am sure he will be interested though he is still ten.Thank you so much for such a detailed review.


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