The Fish Who Could Wish

Our little Penguin loves reading his favorite books again and again. Some books we read all day, some for weeks and this on here, we read it entire October. When your toddler loves a book so much, it should make an appearance in blog too. After all hero of the blog, loves it, like literally.

Penguin reading ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’

“The Fish Who Could Wish”, authored by John Bush and illustrated by Korky Paul is a colorful picture book for young readers.

The story is about a fish living far in deep ocean. The fish was unique, he could get anything he wish for. When he wished for castle, he got one underneath deep-sea. Then there was a flashy sports car, a Spanish guitar, fancy suits and more. Once he even wished for a way to ‘teach sharks a lesson’. But one day he wished something and that became his last wish. Read the book to know what was his last wish. (wink).

There is moral of this story – “Think before you wish”.

Our extraordinary fish, who could wish of all weird and wonderful things, lost his ability. He was not wise or use common-sense to his wishes. Had he thought before his last wish, he would have retained his precious gift to wish-and-get.

Also, I felt it showed the importance of loving yourself just the way you are, instead of wishing to be like other.

The story is like a rhyme easy to sing aloud and entertaining. Not to forget how cleverly Bush weaved the ending. Funny illustrations of wishes made by fish are alluring for readers. Pictures do have fine detailing showing other sea inhabitants. Specifying bubble moving upwards as fish starts wishing was nice to enjoy.

Penguin is too young to understand the moral here but we did ended up wishing few things. Maa wished to have a cup of hot tea. Maybe, Penguin wished to play more outdoors, that month we spent 4- 5 hours in garden and play areas.

This would be a good read for children aged 3 to 5.

What my 2 years old learnt from the book?

  • New words (guitar, ski being most loved ones)
  • Identifying sea animals
  • Bubbles going up not down
  • Started fishing with magnetic puzzle game
  • Coloring fish
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Maybe, as Penguin grows older, we would talk about wishes and read this one for long. We totally loved this book for young children. Story and illustrations are brilliant.


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