The Golden Eagle by Deepak Dalal: Book Review

The chemical engineer turned children’s fiction writer Deepak Dalal brings us the fourth installment of Feather tales. Earlier releases were Talon the Falcon, A Flamingo in My Garden and The Paradise Flycatcher. When Shikar the exceptional squirrel asks his friends Lovey-dovey for a story, they reminisce their adventurous mission at Stork-pur.  The book “The Golden Eagle by Deepak Dalal”, tells about the glorious golden eagle and origins of Shikar.

The golden eagle by deepak dalal
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Book: The Golden Eagle

Author: Deepak Dalal

Illustrator: Krishna Bala Shenoi

Publisher: Puffin

Genre: Children’s book| Nature | Fiction

Reader’s age: 8 years +

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Book review: The Golden Eagle by Deepak Dalal

Books attempting to take children in the world of nature especially birds though stories are applaudable.

In the book, the cherished squirrel Shikar discovers his origins and learns to accept his unique self. Along with the story he gets to know about a heroic golden eagle who had a deep impact on his life.

The plot can captivate readers with its character development, and usage of birds typically found in the country. Words are lucid. The supporting characters do have a purpose and cause of appearance in the story. Narration ties several unique personalities together in pages whose views and experiences do shape the plot.

The role of the protagonist on who’s the title stands has a quick brush-up between the pages. It would have been a strong read with his strength, intelligence and wisdom in more action sequences.

The adventure missed a little dose of adrenaline rush.

The book can be read stand-alone. Of course, reading earlier parts of the Feather tales would be helpful.

The most loved quotient of the book is a deep knowledge shared. The bird’s features like wings, beaks, sound, and nature are skillfully used to make a character. Like the villainous stork who aimed to rule the bird-world.

Definitely encouraging children towards bird watching and caring for the environment.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. This is one book I would love my son to go through. He’s an avid reader and hasn’t read something on these lines. Would be great to develop his imagination and creativity.


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