The Lucky Woman

It was not new for Savita to hear “You are a lucky woman”.

That day when Komal praised her husband and went gaga over how incredibly fortunate Savita was, she just chuckled. Suresh scored centum by placing two cups of tea as ladies were catching up after years.

Savita gave an understanding smile. Komal’s husband Anil was incapable of getting a glass of water from kitchen. Oh, Anil was in perfect health, a fitness freak if one can say. He believes Men are breadwinners and command respect in all form. Sadly, he never noticed how Komal felt about it.

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  1. Mindset needs correction. Much depends on how we raise our boys. If started early, we will soon find likes of Suresh in every household.
    A relatable tale.

  2. That’s the harsh truth of our society that men treat themselves as some kind of evolved beings and expect slavery from women. Yes, I would call it slavery. That’s the thought process they learn from a very young age. But it is also true that many men are now moving out of such patiarchial thought process.


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