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eBook Review – The Nameless Relationship by Preeti Shenoy

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This weekend I was in a mood to read something fresh but short. While browsing kindle I found this book as #1 bestseller in contemporary romance. Though I have heard praises about the author’s earlier works, I was yet to read one. Downloaded “The Nameless Relationship” and read in 10 minutes.


The Nameless Relationship is the monologue of 53-years old Latika, an entrepreneur, running a boutique interior design firm. Living in Bangalore married to a wealthy retired man and a mother to two successful professionals. She is in a relationship with a much younger man, Dhiraj outside the marriage.

 While Dhiraj is madly in love with Latika, later is afraid to give a name to the relationship. In the past 7 years, the Latika is hiding the love affair from her family. She holds her 30 years of loveless marriage higher than her love refusing to call for divorce.

The nameless relationship by Preeti Shenoy
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Book review – The Nameless Relationship by Preeti Shenoy

The book is a refreshing take on a woman’s love life. While most romance books pin for that happily ever after, this one took a brave dig deeper.

This short story explores the conundrum of a woman who is successful workwise but not same in personal front. She found solace in arms of a man, much younger, almost of her children’s age. When she expects a no-strings-attached relation, the man wants her to give their love a name. She is torn between choosing her happiness and the burden of social expectations. Succumbing to the later.

In a 12-page story, the author takes readers to the inner battle of the protagonist. The portrayal of emotions and dilemma is well captured. The story is crisp and interesting with all the right flavors. Talking about extramarital affairs, love between older women – younger men, and the expectations from a good wife all in few pages making the reader glued till the end.

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You can find the ebook (Kindle edition) on Amazon.


31 thoughts on “eBook Review – The Nameless Relationship by Preeti Shenoy”

  1. Wow, what a refreshing review this was. I’m quite interested to read this one and know how she dealt with choosing between love and social expectations

  2. Going by your review of this book , I can’t wait to read it.Sure it will be interesting.Thanks

    (Snehalata Jain)

  3. I like Preeti’s way of writing. It is very engaging and touching. Picking up this book to enjoy this brave take on an otherwise delicate subject. Good review, Pragnya!

  4. Yes, I have read this one and I agree with every word of your review. I am hoping to lay my hands on some other work from the author. She is apparently said to be better than Nikita Singh, who I find to be slightly boring.


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