What you forgot today?

Every morning we wake up and run. 
Run to keep the house hold running.
Run to catch that bus and metro.
Run to reach home before child returns from school.
Run to stay prepared for next day.
Run endlessly.
Just before passing out, mind wonders what we forgot?
Was the milk back in refrigerator?
Or is there garam masala in stock?
Did Maa took her medicine before sleep?
Think. What you forgot today?
What you forget often?
Did you smile when you woke up?
Or at your neighbour as you dropped garbage?
Did you call your bestie when it’s not her birthday or anniversary?
Or said I Love You to parents before that hurried bye?
What about the gratefulness of having a good human as spouse?
Ever said thank you to your in-laws?
When was the last time you loved yourself?
Breathe and smile.
Remember to show gratitude.

- Truly yours

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

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4 thoughts on “What you forgot today?”

  1. It is very true… most of the time we are running towards the destination. Right from waking up till the bedtime we rush from one task to the other, never pausing to look around and appreciate. While we should be treating our weekends like a mini vacation, we treat our vacation as weekends…

  2. Needed this. I have been so wound up in things lately that I don’t even realize how and when time flies by. I need to stop and breathe. This helped 🙂


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