Why do we need book reviews?

Growing up in a small town in the country. I used to wait for January mid every year. I like winter and my wait was not for the foggy shivering days. Somewhere around January, an annual book fair was organized. My bapa (father) used to take me for that event at least one evening after school. I was free to make a tower of books till I can hold within a budget. At times tower used to be 15 books high and other times had just 2.

Most of them were from National Book Trust. Few were mythological, few historic legends or moral teaching ones. I never read a classic or other genre until I discovered an old cupboard at my grandparent’s place. My grandfather was a Bibliophile. His collections were full of Hindi classics, Odia literature and patriotic or spiritual books. I used to borrow one or two and spent my summer afternoons with them.

With time I realized after every book my vocabulary grew a little. Major change was expanding a new perception. Soon, every time I came across a book and I would share my views on it verbally. Until our English teacher in school introduced us to “Book Reviews”. The then book reviews were mostly grade oriented and later forgotten.

Fast forward, I was an expat. My love for books took me to library. I started sharing my opinions on books to few other expats. With years my bookish love grew stronger and added in my online space.

What is a book review?

In simple words, it the analysis of the book based on content, flow and merit. It is a literary criticism.

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Why do we need a book review?

“You can kill a book quicker by your silence than by a bad review.”

E.A. Bucchianeri

You share your opinion as you write a book review. Get involved in dialogue exchange with the author and other potential readers. You tend to agree or disagree on one or more points. Share your thoughts without a detailed summary (read spoiler). You spread a word saying why to read this book or why to plain avoid it.

If you are a reader who would like to know-hows the quality of a book. Your solution is to check few book reviews. The reviews give a short and crisp insight of the work.

If you care about books do share your interpretations to bigger mass. We need an honest strong book review culture. Agree?

I am participating in the Blogchatter Book Review Program. Click here link to know details.


17 thoughts on “Why do we need book reviews?”

  1. Wow i loved your story of growing up years and your love for books. Love to read a review before reading any book as well.

  2. I’m totally that kind of a person who actually look for the reviews before buying it. Reading a book requires time and TIME itself is the thing that we do not have being a mother!! Them how can we spend some valuable time on a bad book!

  3. Hey Pragnya, that is a good thought about book reviews. I have two books on Kindle, one is about Parenting tips and other is about Relationships. Will you be interested in reviewing them.


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