A letter to my past self

This year on International Woman’s day I have joined hands with amazing ladies to celebrate womanhood. Chip in our Women’s day blog party and see our take on womanhood. Few would amaze you, some would make you go laugh rolling on the floor and there would lots of emotions. Read on my letter to self.

Here is my take as I pen a letter to my teen self.

letter to self
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Dear Past self,

This is your future-self writing to you. You must be wondering if it is another poor joke. Life is already a mess and there comes a letter like this. Relax, take a deep breath. I time-traveled to pass on this letter to you. I am more than a decade older to you now. Are you thinking what is the content here? Thinking maybe you can figure out what to do after this 12th board exam. Or I would drop a hint of your broad exam score. Sorry to disappoint you, I am here to let you know I love you so much. I am what I am for you.

Oh dear, are you upset now for not knowing your future? Let me give you a bear hug. Okay, I am dropping few subtle hints now. You are going to score reasonable and land up in a good place for graduation. Happy now 😊

Now let’s talk about the situation in your hand. Your friends moved out-of-town. You can hardly talk to them over the phone but you exchange letters. Both of your best friends adore you. With passing time, they would get real busy in their lives and gradually you would stop receiving a letter. Hey, now don’t frown, you are going get emails. Yes! Yay!! Agreed that you don’t have a desktop or internet but soon an internet café is going to near your place. That sounds fun right!

Are you thinking if I am going to talk about that new confusion going around? I know you are nodding. You are not understanding why you are feeling awkward with your oh so loving cousin. Your mind is in chaos. You are unable to concentrate on your studies and your report card shows it. You are scared why in the middle of the night you are waking up with clothes disarray and stickiness at places. You are confused about why of all relatives and friends, his stare, hug, touch, and random talk is making you uncomfortable. You even stopped taking his help in studies. You have stopped doing Surya namaskar as he has started coming to the terrace. Talk to your Maa now. Go tell her. She would clear your doubts. She would make the bad wolf ran away. But first, get up and talk. Maybe you can save your other cousins or friends from this confusing thing.

Also, dare you to think, this was your fault. And you are so strong, girl. You are such an innocent soul. Don’t take any bullshit and muddling going to happen. Fight your nearing battle. Roar, roar loud and make those gossip mongers shut. You got a tigress as mom, lucky girl.

You have a habit of criticizing yourself, stop it. Don’t be so hard. You have abilities. You are kind, determined, passionate and creative. This phase of life would end soon. Your today’s anger would meltdown and your smile would shine. You can do it. And I am so proud of you.

Your loving,

Future self.

On International Women’s Day, our inbox and social media would be flooded with quotes praising womanhood just to ignore it the next day. When a lady is dishonored or abused in a million ways, debates are held on securing public places and whatnot. But, are we safe at our own home? Awareness is needed. Let’s educate our children on sexual abuse and give them support to stand.

This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty.
I’d like to thank Jasmeet for introducing me. She is an artist and mom to a cute Mr. H. Read her post for this blog party here.
Also do go to my friend Shivani blog post here to read her perspective on the topic.

*Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay


50 thoughts on “A letter to my past self”

  1. thats so brave of you to come out of that shell and write about it. we must tell our children to report any such incidence no matter how small or big it is.

    • I agree Shivani. Issues like this needs to be reported and stopped. But families stop the victim saying, let’s solve the problem at home and the sufferer changes with time. Trust becomes a challenge to them.

  2. This was so hard for me to read… I don’t think I could ever tell my past self to be courageous against such pple… Guess we all had to go through all this shit to become the strong women we are today. Hope our kids grow up realizing the same as well. To never take anything thrown at them with their mouth shut.

    • Exactly we got to educate our kids about their safety and trust them. Once they are aware of good and bad touch and they can ask our help, we can keep the bad people far away. Hopefully behind bars.

  3. This is so bold and beautiful. I wish I could tell this to my younger self and more than that I wish I would have understand the fact that wolves were bad and not me. My life would have been much better. It reminds me of so many things….

  4. I am so happy that I am part of this amazing blog train where women like you are raising awareness for important issues like abuse. Every woman has faced abuse in some form , I am one of them but never had the courage to write about it. This letter could be true for many . Well done !!

  5. Every girl who has faced similar situation, should read this. Till the time travel becomes a reality, there need to be more women and more men around us to understand and support girls.

  6. It saddens me to no end that us women have to go through things like this. It is so unfair. But look where you are today.. you should be proud of yourself for pulling yourself up and making something wonderful with life. God bless you.
    Thanks for joining in on our #WomensDayBlogParty

    • Thanks Mahak. My purpose of writing it was to encourage women to come forward and raise a voice. We always have a tribe of strong willed women who would support us, like this. Thank you for making a platform for us through this blog party.

  7. This is first read on your blog. What an amazing post. We have to speak up. Things like this have to said out loud when needed. Otherwise unknowingly we give encouragement to such people and their so polluted mindset.

  8. Hey this is a heart touching letter. We all would like to give ourselves some advice but who listens while we are in the teens. We have kids to try giving advice too soon. Hehehe! About the situation at hand, my past has gone but my kids are not going to go through anything like that. Trying my best !

  9. It was such a heart felt letter dear and you had expressed your emotions so beautifully with great courage. Really admire the end msg, it is need of an hour and must needed for our so called Morden society.

  10. I’m so proud of you for telling your younger self that it wasn’t her fault. Wish someone said that to us that time and gave is the courage to speak out. Hope you did.
    This is a lovely letter, so full of love and respect for yourself. 😊

  11. I love the part where you asked yourself t roar, and road loud! I as a kid wasn’t brave enough, neither was I equipped to handle such a situation. I made sure I equip my daughters to be able to protect themselves, and talk to me freely without hesitation if anything or anyone is ever bothering them. I love this article & appreciate your bravery for writing it!

    • The reason I shared this letter is to aware the parents of the need to educate children about evils and come to talk openly. Glad to hear your kind words,

  12. This must have taken a lot of courage, you are strong and what an inspiration. I tried writing one such letter too and realized that these are the things that made us what we are today 🙂


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