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Baby wearing was one of the best decisions I took as a new mother. It gives me freedom to move while carrying the baby. I started baby wearing when my son, Penguin was almost 5 months old. We live in a nuclear set up. So, I had to do regular house chores while managing a baby. A baby can cry over 101 reasons. I can vouch that baby wearing keep babies calm and moms sane.

Few months ago, I won Life of Real Moms’ BINGO contest. And received the Anmol Easy Olive from Anmol Baby Carriers. Dance! Dance! Dance! Yay!!!

Honestly, I have heard lot about Anmol Baby Carriers before receiving it. Many moms I know love to flaunt their Anmol wraps, slings and SSC. I was overwhelmed to receive it.

About Anmol

Anmol is the brainchild of Rashmee. She is a mother of two boys and architect by profession. The zeal to find a perfect baby carrier where a mother can keep baby close and both stay happy led to making of Anmol.

Further, Anmol SSC is the first Indian Ergonomic Soft structured Carrier with an International safety certifications that ensures what reached you is the best for your baby.

First impression

My Anmol Easy Olive Soft Structure Carrier (SSC) came in a rectangular box. It was neatly folded and packed in a cover. I still use the box carton to keep Penguin’s toys. The gorgeous solid color SSC reminds me of nature. The waistband and shoulder pads are thick enough. The contrast accent of thigh padding adds beauty to the carrier. I was exicted to try it for my upcoming Mumbai trip. My 22 months Penguin was not in mood to be carried as I tried with him first. So, I carried my 11 months niece, Tiger (we have zoo at home 😉) in the SSC. Eventually both kids were carried.

Initially I fumbled with buckles. But watching the instruction videos in YouTube helped. Also, there are whatsapp Anmol communities city wise to help, understand and troubleshoot. What more to ask for?

Why I loved Anmol SSC

  • The ergonomic hip position

The SSC provides an ergonomic deep M-seat. It is essential for optimal hip support and baby’s development.

  • Breathable fabric

I carried kids during my Mumbai trip. Mumbai is hot and humid as it was raining all day and night in July. We walked to parks and markets. Took strolls around blocks and climbed strairs. All while wearing a baby. The child and I were comfortable in the carrier. No one was drenching in sweat. Fabric is totally airy

  • Cushiony padding

Padding around shoulder and waist gives cushioning feel. A baby’s delicious thighs also got cushioning around with thigh pads. They are done the right way. When worn properly baby wearing feels weightless.

  • Buckle system.

Buckles have 3 point safely system. It takes care of accidental buckle unlocking. An elastic loop helps to secure the waist buckle.

  • Hood

An integrated hood is provided to support baby’s neck during naps, sun and wind. Also, a breastfeeding mother can use it. When hood is not in use just fold in and hid it. It won’t slap your face on breezy day. Also, with a toddler who prefer to walk as well as carry, the hood wouldn’t kiss the ground. Stay clean for long. Big brownie point for this.

  • Waist pocket

I prefer walking around carrying my kid. So, in the cute little waist pocket I can stuff my keys or money. And we are good to go. No extra bag needed.

  • Ease to wear.

During this 3 months of wearing Anmol, I took 2-3 days to understand a good fit. Once it was done with proper waist and shoulder adjustment, it was ready to use. Even if multiple people are wearing same SSC, it takes 2 minutes to adjust the fit. It is a cakewalk to wear it once adjusted.

Suggestions for Anmol SSC

Though I absolutely love my Anmol Easy Olive SSC. I wish it had a bigger waist pocket. My smart phone didn’t fit there. And, I feel it’s too big to fit in my diaper bag. I had to carry it separately. I wish it was compact.

I had to manage two kids under 2 and Anmol Easy Olive SSC made walking trips easy. I was still sane after 2 hours walks-run-play for 5 days. Thanks Anmol!

Have you tried any Anmol SSC or other products? How was your experience? Do share your baby carrying encounters in the comments. I would love to read.

**Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. It reflects my honest experience with the SSC. I won it in one of the LORM contests**


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  1. As mother, kids are most special aspect of life. In growing days, managing is not easy and when you two kids, it makes the task really tough. Mother become super human being. We need such support get our working going and doing what is needed of us. It seems the Anmol Baby Carrier did the trick for you and it provided all that you needed. Safety is the most important aspect of anything related to babies and children. And if it has add on facilities and accessories then it makes much better to adapt and use it. Yes, mobiles are something we cannot leave behind and it would be great if that has a space provided for it.

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  2. I have been hearing raving reviews about Anmol Carriers and yours add to the list. I sincerely need one of these since i have a 15 month old. Though she loves to walk around, I prefer to take her with me in it during my walks. I feel it would be helpful. Congratulations on winning it! It sure is a treasure for us moms!


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