Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh: Book Review

Seated in a nice comfy couch, experience mystery. The book, Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh calls for that.

Title: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman – A Bartaman Bhowmick mystery

Author: Mehool Parekh

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Genre: Crime, mystery, and thriller

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Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman book review
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Rupali, a beautiful young woman is brutally stabbed to death in her bed. What seems like an open and shut case to the police; turned into a hot case as duo Bartaman and Robin get involved. Bartaman Bhowmick is a Major in Southern Command of the Indian Army. His supportive environment in the army allows him to indulge in his hobby and passion – crime detection. Robin Chowdhury is a crime beat reporter at Pune City Times. Together they have solved many baffling cases in past. His crime-solving skills and her report’s access with a penchant for ethical hacking work wonders for Additional Commissioner of Police Jagdeep Kumar, Bartaman’s cousin.

The crime scene didn’t settle well for Bartaman and with Robin in tow, they jumped to find the loose ends.

Rupali, on the other hand, seems like a like beautiful woman leading a happy married life. Yet she ended up brutally slain in her own bed. The book unwarps the life of Rupali and the story of her murder. Ending with unforeseen surprise.

Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman: Book Review

A mystery novel that would keep you glued and scratch your mind to think what’s next.


The title is creative, bewilder to guess the plot.

Cover design

The cover picture adds an element of mystery with portraits in a grid with one image missing.

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Rupali is beautiful and knows where to invest her interest. She carved her own path. Had a fair share of highs and lows. All that ultimately led to her murder in the end. She never predicted that coming. The character development was well-shaped.

The other co-leads, Bartaman and Robin do not steal the show cracking twists and turns. Robin is the perfect side-kick to this Batman.

The plot is written in parallel time, one covers walking the life of Rupali from the start and the other that walked backward. Traversing the back journey is done with the investigation. Yet it never stained the plot movement. It mystifies the reader handsomely.

There are numerous side characters who do have a role in shaping the plot and not unnecessary addition. Each comes to construct the next turn and leave, some make a re-entry. As expected in mystery novels. Again, it was done neatly.

The story unfolds in Pune and the book does take the reader around the cafes, food and native language.

The lucid writing is engaging and peels layers of the main protagonist, Rupali, one at a time.

The debut book of author Mehool Parekh is excellent. It has suspense air, well-structured chapters, descriptive mood, and satisfying conclusion. Well done!

If you are looking for a thriller mystery book to pick. Take this, it has all elements well balanced. I hope the second installment of the “A Bartaman Bhowmick mystery” series soon.

Rating 4/5.

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