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Five classic picture books for toddlers

Once I was asked which was the favorite classic book that I would love my child to read on. I grew up reading Champak, Wisdom, and Panchatantra. Someday I would introduce my child to those magazines. I never read any classic children book until tween days.

What makes a book classic?

A book which has shown its influence over a long period of time in print, digital and other media forms as a treasured one makes a classic. It stood the test of time yet is refreshing for the reader in re-read or first time. Classic books are loved and passed on to next-generation readers. These books are successful in captivating toddlers. Kept them engaged and curious. Familiarized with words and concepts.

This Mom Lists Her Toddler’s Favourite Classics From The World Of Picture Books” published in Kidsstoppress.

Quick and Easy Flashcards Activities with toddlers – Fun ways to use flashcards at home

Looking for ways to keep your toddler engaged? Check out these simple and easy Flashcards activities for toddlers. These are fun flashcard games that your kid will love. Can be easily set up at home to keep your toddler away from TV and mobiles and also helps kids in learning preschool concepts. 

Flashcards are under-rated as a teaching tool. Here is an array of awesome activities with 5 kinds of flashcards.

“Quick and Easy Flashcards Activities with toddlers” published in Sharing Our Experiences


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