Eat, puke and repeat. My pregnancy journey – Part I

Our penguin is a miracle baby. With a couple of miscarriages and bad health, I was surprised to find out about my pregnancy. It was unexpected. Before taking the home pregnancy test, I had the intuition about the upcoming result but I was scared. Maybe I didn’t have the courage to know the truth.

But those two pink lines and everything changed. My parents boarded the earliest train possible. My in-laws were excited. While Mr. Fabulous decided to base-camp at Pluto. Yeah, when I was worried by all possible ‘maybe’ or ‘if’. My husband was hopping around doing all cute things possible. And I would freak him out. Yup, hormones kicked in. My mood swings were not so bad, but Mr. Fabulous dare to differ. I was exhausted with eat-puke-repeat drama. There were times when my tummy refused water and I was almost admitted at emergency room, almost. My gynaec was way cooler than any doctor I met. A huge cookie points. She injected medicines and waited.

I had every checkbox ticked as my symptoms for all trimesters. Nausea, headache, body ache, you name it. Thankfully our family bailed us out. They took turns to care for me.

During my 6th month of pregnancy, I shifted to my hometown. The journey from Pune to Sambalpur was meticulously planned by Mr. Fabulous. We took road drive from Pune to Mumbai, and I was tired by the time we reached there. The drive would have been better, if only my baby had had rested for a while or left my bladder alone. Thankfully, the Mumbai traffic was kind enough and we never got stuck that day.

Next was, a quick 2 hours flight to Raipur (Swami Vivekananda International Airport). It was again a good one minus that horrible backache. Unlike the road trip, baby rested well. Thank God.

Final lag was train travel, though I relaxed before starting again but I was tired. Well, that was expected. After 2 days we reached our destination. I was delighted to meet my Maa, I knew when she is there I got things under control. I planned to unwind like a princess, read my long list of books, listen Garbha sanskar (Education in the womb, for more details ) and eat all I want. Few hours later, plans went sour.


Stay tuned for next post.


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