Soul Slings full buckle review: Toddler wearing

If you have been following my Instagram grid or Facebook page you must have seen Penguin cuddling snugly in our baby carriers. We started baby wearing when Penguin was about 5 months old. As a new mom living in a nuclear setup, I wanted to keep my baby close while having freedom to move. With right baby carrier one gets some great stuff done. I still had same responsibilities before the baby happened, and with Penguin in tow I had to host new commitments as well. Babywearing comes as the perfect solution.

If we talk about the benefits of baby-wearing. I just can’t stop going gaga about those.

According to studies,

  • baby-wearing strengthens the bond between caregiver and baby.
  • Babies are less cranky
  • Promotes emotional well being of the child

In short, it makes life easier.

Penguin is already 20 months old now, I still wear him at times. He was quite independent toddler who loves to walk run. People around me keeps dropping their well-intended advice not to carry him. Few pointed out how I am making him lazy. Like really! Wonder why I still carry him? For starters, let me bust the myth, baby wearing doesn’t make a baby lazy.

  • I wear my toddler as during those teething or clingy-cranky days, Penguin cries less and love to hangout with me. I can multitask.
  • Whenever we stay outdoors entire day, all walk-run-play makes him tired, and he gets real comfortable as we carry him for a while. Even takes a nap.
  • Rain hardly stops us if we need a quick trip to supermarket. Carry the toddler, open the umbrella and walk to destination. Sorted!
  • Usually, its tough to get a proper walkway and allow toddler to cross traffic signals. Another reason, why baby-wear.

So, one morning when inbox said a mail from Soul ,I was eager to see it. Soul Sling asked me try out one of their standard full buckle carrier and share an honest review. I had no reasons to say NO. A couple of days later I received the package. My Soul Sling BLISS standard full buckle came in a tiny box. The beautiful ergonomic sleek baby carrier was folded up neatly and packed in cloth bag along with instructions manual. I have been using the cloth bag as toy organizer or shopping bag at various instances.  The sustainable living minimizer in me loves this.

My experience



We have been using carrier over two months now. Did I mention that I am crushing over my Soul Sling Bliss standard full buckle carrier? Read on to know why. It is an honest review from a baby wearing enthusiastic mom.


The first feature of baby carrier I check on is safety. The M-shaped bottom of baby placed in carrier say the tale of healthy hip. M-shape is baby’s natural leg position, by carrying baby in this position one can prevent the risk of hip dysplasia. And it is easy to achieve the deep seat in the carrier. I am able to get it right every single time. Huge plus point. No?

Comfort for all weathers

I have worn the carrier through summer to humid rain. I received the carrier just before the summer ended. Also have walked carrying Penguin to nearby shopping outlets and parks. My toddler was never drenched in sweat. He was quite comfortable never struggled to come out feeling hot. The carrier is airy and breathable. Few days later Pune was drenched in heavy rainfall, I used to carry him around. No complains from the toddler. Additionally, I liked the padding around toddler thighs. Padding around shoulder, waist and thigh is quite decent and do not make caregiver or baby perspire. Of course, dress smart.

Wearing my baby while chopping vegetables in kitchen.

Ease to wear

The baby carrier comes with PFA (perfect fit adjustors), two-way shoulder adjustments and sliding back/front straps. I adjusted the carrier once and it was ready to wear. Thanks to the detailed instructions in YouTube videos wearing toddler was smooth from first try. You can check the YouTube links mentioned here for front carry and back carry.


When my husband, Mr. Fabulous showed interest to wear Penguin, slight adjustment in waist and straps and he was ready. We have worn our toddler in front and back. Moreover, as the weight was distributed evenly we felt toddler wearing was effortless and weightless.

Compact and travel friendly

I love how the carrier can be folded and packed in its cotton storage bag. It fits perfectly in our diaper bag. It has been a consistent travel partner for us for two months now. Even during short day trips, we keep it in our car to carry tired toddler, if needed.

Ease to nurse

My toddler never needs a reason to nurse and with Soul around I don’t have to take a pause. I am a firm supporter of Nursing in public (NIP). So, when we are travelling or doing chores and toddler boss demands to nurse. All I need is to customize the carrier. Once, baby is done, adjust the carrier again and continue the day.

Effortless transfer

Often when Penguin is well fed and carried he tend to take a nap. When I am travelling I get a chance to read a book there. But if I am at home and need to finish some chores or otherwise I prefer to shift him in bed. This comes with little practise. Maybe, as I have been using baby carriers over a year now so it is easy now. I found it quite natural to unbuckle and place him in bed without interrupting his sleep. Thumbs up for carrier buckles being so smooth. Yet, it’s safe.


Return of investment

I believe in paisa-wasool investments. The carrier is suitable for babies weighting 7-18 kgs approximately. So, once you purchase this carrier and start using after baby can support her/his head alone, i.e. 4-5 months, it should sail through toddlerhood.

Suggestions for Soul

I like the carrier but would completely love it if Soul Slings would work on 2 ideas

  • I rarely used the hood with straps. Though clinched up hood along the side added beauty to the gorgeous carrier. I would have felt better if the hood would have not slapped me multiple times during windy days. It is not user friendly.
  • I would have loved to get a pocket to keep my keys and smart phone when we stroll around the block. I have wear dresses with pockets or carry a bag for them.

Though these little hitch could not stop me from using the carrier and carrying it around all the time. It is perfect for a quick walk under sun or to turn around air-conditioned malls. I would recommend it for infants and toddlers.

Often I travel alone with my toddler. Here, I can carry diaper bag while wearing Penguin.

You can find more details about the product here. Further the care and maintenance of the carrier is quite easy and mentioned well in their website. You can check it here.

Few words about Soul

Soul is the brainchild of Chinmayie Bhat. It was born as a home business in 2014 with just high-quality ring slings, it has quickly grown to be India’s biggest baby carrier brand today. They make a wide variety of baby carriers and coordinating lifestyle products for parents around the globe. All Soul products are designed, hand-made and shipped directly by Soul from Bangalore, India. They claim to use the finest Indian textiles in pure natural fibres (cotton, linen), using baby-safe dyes; all their products are safety-tested by strict international standards. They support local, small-scale industry as a business choice.

**Disclaimer: I was sent the Bliss standard full buckle carrier by Soul Slings for an honest review. The carrier has been used broadly for a period over three months and shared my experience here **




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