Unspoken words #UnsaidStories

Do you say a thank you every time you feel grateful? Or even an apology immediately after realizing the matters? At times we do, at times we ignore and sometimes we take the one in other pair of shoes for granted. With time we tend to forget those moments.

So when my friend Vartika was celebrating her blog birthday with #UnsaidStories. An expression of love and share those unsaid stories, which one never spoke. Unspoken words. I joined her in telling my sister how grateful I am to have her. Thank you!

unspoken words
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 Words some said, and lot more left unsaid
Years gone by as I say this now.
At times, with tea in hand.
Watching raindrops glide across window pane.
I remember the cycle races to home,
Landing in gutter on slippery roads.
Holding ears and swallowing giggles.
Words some said, and lot more left unsaid
When leaves were falling,
I stood shaken, instead of cocooning you
Tears roll by, I still do
I was bruised, but more was you
You were the one who screamed.
Ear-shattering scream, breaking blind trust.
Two-faced mask crumbled then.
My little girl, fought brave.
Monster was backed by pride,
Shame, and honor jumped in soon.
Months went by, slicing mocking words
You grew stronger, soon more hands joined you
He backed off but I never thanked you enough
Thanks for so many things that words fail me.
Thank you for standing up,
Thank you for making that cry,
Thank you for being my hero,
Thank you for not giving up,
Thank you for being that awesome sister.
Words some said, and lot more left unsaid.
~ Yours silly sister

Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you!

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32 thoughts on “Unspoken words #UnsaidStories”

  1. I always say Thank you immediately but sorry yes I do take little time..bond between siblings are and especially sisters are always special and cherished forever.

  2. Gratitude and feeling sorry are real magical words that keep our heart grounded and us humble. I have this habit of using them quite often, but the crux is when we actually mean it. Lovely words written yet again.

  3. This is so beautiful, Pragnya. Siblings have a special bond and sisters, even more so. Unsaid words often mean the most and I can feel your sister-love here. 💓

  4. Such an emotional poem, siblings bond is a special one and lucky are those who get to experience that bond and love. I don’t have a sibling but I could truly feel your words.


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