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Have to ever found an article drafted 9 years ago and felt cozy re-reading it? I wrote this one on blogger around that tie and forgot until it recently popped in memory. “Teach parents technology” was in my long-forgotten digital diary. The idea was to teach our parents as lovingly as they did to us during childhood and making them technology-aware.

Ever since I remember my dad, a public sector employee too busy in his job would try to give maximum possible time to the family. Even after working long hours at office and site-field, once he would at home he would try to be with us. I remember him trying to solve my mathematics and physics problems to help me with my homework. I quite admired his patience when I queried a lot during that period. When we visit our village he will show us around the place. My curious nature will force him to answer my millions of questions all through the way. Most of them were replied with satisfying answers. Wow!! My dad is knowledgable I was felt too proud of it.

After marriage, I got another official father, my father-in-law. I feel I was lucky enough to get love and affection from both of them. My father-in-law act like a catalyst to my curiosity. Actually, he was the truth is even more curious about new things than me. When our home needs a new gadget he will just dig deep to know all about it, its features, he will try to figure out all possible usage and cons if any before settling. Loved it that way.

Recently I got a chance to show off my computer knowledge to both men. As we live in Chennai and my parents and parents-in-law stay at my hometown Sambalpur, all were connected through the phone. But in this tech-era, if we are going to move on like this it would we so dull. So, we decided to connect through skype or oovoo. And here we go!!

Teaching technology to parents
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KT (knowledge transfer) session starts now. We (more of me) started with turning on the computer, moving to use of MS word, copying – pasting files, transferring files, etc. They religiously followed it and took notes. The best part was yet to come; they need to show me that all in practical. Mistakes, learning and relearning, all in phases…

Finally, they mastered almost all basic computer knowledge and created their own inbox, opened unread mails, drafted new mails, sent mails, uploaded attachments, and many on.
In the end, both can connect audio and video instant messaging through oovoo.

Almost every weekend we can connect through technology. Its something I can boast to all I (we, including my husband Mr. Fabulous) taught parent technology.

P.S.: The idea for this write up was always there but it got a push from the recent twitter trend – teach parents technology.

This post was originally published here. It was the era before Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram came into life with today’s zeal.


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  1. My father-in-law is very tech savvy and keeps his tech skills updates, still as and when he has a technical query he writes it down and when ever speaks to us or visits us asks for solution one by one. His passion to learn new things is great.
    Nice initiative by you too.

  2. I think this is the need of today’s era. We can fill the gaps in visual communication with the help of technology. Great initiative by you, your parents and inlaws.

  3. For all the sacrifices that our loving Parents have made, the least we can do is spent time with them and since we are all so tech savvy nowadays ,teaching them a thing or too about popular apps is quite interesting.Also they will feel more connected.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  4. This is so relatable, aren’t our parents were like that all the time earlier. Away from the tech and gadgets, but glad that now they are accepting it. This is a good post

  5. So so relatable. My parents too keep asking how to operate smart phones and though they took some time to learn it, they now know it so well. It’s great to see how they adapt and evolve with changing times.

  6. I’m tempted to revisit a similar post I wrote years ago! Isn’t it amazing to see their child-like innocence in learning new things? My curious dad learned using the computer for work and it was so heartwarming to help him do it.

  7. very well penned praganya… I make sure to make my both moms learn their phone operations and all.. Now they know googling and you tubing .. even pinterest and insta they understand


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