The follow-unfollow saga of Instagram

The other day one of my friend and I were chatty. Our conversation went from festival preparations to the battle of numbers on Instagram. Actually, the battle is everywhere. On Twitter, Facebook, and blog.

On blizzard days strangers follow you and leave a message to follow-me-back. I would say they are bluntly brave to my comfort. We on split remembering the ones who followed first and if they get a follow back, then unfollow will be quicker. Legendary. We all face that. It took me a while to realize that the people who happen to follow me were least interested in my content. they wanted a mere follow. Apparently, it is a way to gain followers.

One spends a considerable amount of energy, as time and effort on creating content on Instagram. But still no matter what, you are bound to have some unfollows.

When one gets a new follower, it is human nature to feel a boost. Then what about losing one, or as a matter of fact the loss can be in multiple counts.

Instagram follow unfollow
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What to do after an Instagram unfollow?

In that time, one gets to choose one of the following actions to do:

  1. You unfollowed me. Dishoom! Unfollowing you. Psst!
  2. Sulk for a nanosecond. Move on. (Of course, sulking is optional)
  3. Realize the opportunity. Learn more about the feed. The engagements, content improvement areas, etc. (Imagine walking under cherry blossoms)
  4. Feel good of the rid and continue creating saucy content. (more of this here)

While gurgling about the unfollows it is easy to miss out the little sunshine here. The chance to realize why it happens other than getting a sexier ratio following : followers. One can introspect how to improve. Okay, I am still working on this. Creating awesome content and pulling people like magnets. End goal.

Instagram, as many blogging gurus stated, can be used as a good medium to promote your blog. However, the clicks to link are far less compared to hits from Facebook, Twitter, and supreme Pinterest. Of course, none of them happen overnight. Meanwhile, one can’t ignore the growing tribe of Instagrammers and reach of brands via this as a medium.

So, agree or not, we need the followers and there is are few ways too. Like loops, giveaways, etc.

It all ends up walking in a high rope. But there is something good about losing followers too. You can concentrate on the population in hand and interact. Focus more on niche creation.

Though I have been on Instagram for years now, 2 to be precise, I don’t have an eye-drooling number on followers. And still, I am here sharing this Gyan. The idea has been with me for months now and I have to share it.

I have made peace with the follow- unfollow game. It is okay if people are unfollowing maybe it was a number count for them or they find you boring. Now for the action slash reaction, the ball is in our court.

What are your 2 cents on this? I am keen to hear your thoughts.


33 thoughts on “The follow-unfollow saga of Instagram”

  1. When Instagram suddenly became a rage, I too was worried about the numbers. It was only after I read up on fake-followers and likes articles, I realised that it is important to have followers who actually like your content rather than just having a huge following.

  2. I am 9 months old on instagram, and I understood one thing, genuine following will go up with time there is no other way.
    Second, as per many surveys India’s instgrammers have highest number of bots and fake accounts following them which will be wiped of in Insta Automation
    Third and saddest part is, brands just see the number of followers and not he engagements on the posts, so work goes to the people who have highest number real or fake doesn’t matter.

  3. Aah! This follow-unfollow game on Instagram is really weird. The focus should be in quality followers and quality engagement, but for some reason, it’s the numbers that matter in the Insta game. I have this app called Unfollowers. I dont initiate the unfollow business with anyone, but once I get the info from the app, I do not hesitate to unfollow that person. πŸ˜€

  4. Thanks for the good insight for a novice like me! I struggle to get followers on everything even though my content is decent!

  5. We all go through this phase when despite good content we don’t have as many followers. Instagram probably has the worst follow-unfollow scene. What I do? I don’t have the energy to track every unfollow, so I just let it go.

  6. I have recently joined Instagram , say just a year back and the Follow and Unfollow thing is so bizarre. I never look at the number I follow the persons who are like minded. And yes I have also fallen for giveaways and loops πŸ˜‰

  7. I don’t have many followers on Instagram. Maybe that’s the reason I’m the ‘sulk for a nanosecond’ type. You’ve written pretty well on this topic πŸ™‚


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