Being a woman #WoWe

Women in society

“Even if a wolf dons sheep’s clothing. It still remains a wolf.”

Gayu has heard this thrown on her multiple times. Though she puts a brave face, it hurts her immensely. It has been years yet she is judged and ridiculed. She was a victim yet treated as an offender.

Her aging parents are worried now. With time they have started regretting their support to the only child.

“Were they wrong to support their only child when she stood up for all right reasons?”

Gayu had joined an esteemed college for graduation. Days were blissful until Rajesh saw her. He started following her everywhere. Gayu was unaware of things around her or rather she turned a blind eye on that matter. Things turned sour when Rajesh proposed her and she turned him down.

A simple rejection injured his phony ego. He acted like an obsessed jilted lover. Even attempted molesting her. Gayu took legal action. Her parents stood by her decision.

Talks denigrating Gayu spread like fire in the small town. People judged the girl without even knowing the story. Her true nature is never acknowledged. Is it that easy to ridicule because she was a woman?

We talk about equality, girl child education, and women empowerment. Yet when women like Gayu take a stand on their dignity, all jump to judge them. A woman is brutally attacked. Can we just support them in their fight instead of bullying them? The story is based on true incidents. Characters name are changed here.

Word count: 196

This post is written as part of the #WoWe Blog Hop hosted by Mayuri and Rashi. Here one can share a story within 200 words on the given prompt. This is my entry for Week 4 based on the picture prompt at the start of this post. Do share your views in comments.


24 thoughts on “Being a woman #WoWe”

  1. I want to say beautiful story, Pragnya, but I cannot say that. There is nothing beautiful thinking about the person who actually went through all this. My heart goes out to all such girls who are judged and ridiculed just because they are a woman and the men who wronged them are left unscathed. But m glad that Gayu (I loved the name, btw) stood up for her and that her parents supported her too. She did nothing wrong. And I hope all women stand for themselves regardless of what the society thinks. Thanks much for writing in. 🙂

    • Thank you, Rashi. I feel women so strong need a supportive tribe too. Fighting a long battle need few kind words too. I hope women like Gayu who fought against odds are valued in our society.

  2. Its absolutely sad to know that its based on real story. World in general and India in particular is way behind the true spirit of “Gender Eqaulity”. It makes my head hang low when I hear about this callous nature and jaundiced outlook of our bigoted society.

  3. Gayu might find herself standing alone but the fact that she had courage to face her stalker and molester is a brave thing to do. I hope her parents don’t make her feel let down because of what people think.

  4. So touched by this story.Wish our society give their love and support to all such women instead of just ridiculing them.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  5. I feel things are changing and more & more girls are now taking stand & coming out to speak up breaking all the barriers. But it’s not easy for many when there’s no support from the society, when they are judged for the right choices. I loved your take on the prompt.

  6. We should share such inspirational stories more infact. It reminds me one incident during my college days. If someone proposed you that doesn’t mean you have to agree with that person always. But male ego hurts. I know this very well. And I support those brave girls always


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