Young hearts

Chapter 2 – Puddled brain

Chapter 1 – Yellow Rose

It’s almost a month now. Yet, that mystery of Yellow rose is still unsolved. And who does that? A friend who is enjoying a free drama or a boy who just smirks all day. If only, I could turn into Nancy Drew.
In this dilemma, my algebra score got hurt. Now I have to explain to Miss Anand why my score is dipping. I, a mere teenager is shouldering entire Earth’s burden.
Can my heart take more? Or my brain puddle more? I see a chocolate bar in my seat beside another yellow rose bud. If only that bud could speak…

This is chapter 2 of the series “Young Hearts”.


33 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Puddled brain”

  1. This is such a dilemma, wish that bud could speak and reveal the truth. Now, am craving for more! Love reading your posts, Pragnya πŸ™‚

  2. Now I want to read chapter three, you got me hooked on the story. I absolutely loved how simple words can create magic via story.


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