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Unread by Platform For Artists -Book review

It is raining heavily across the country. Do you like the smell of petrichor? Nothing makes the afternoons special when my child is tucked in bed for the next 2 hours. I could see drops flowing down my windowpane after heavy rain. There are divine smell and a book in hand. It makes the reading special when 99 other people join you and share their thoughts on the poem. That’s Unread by Platform For Artists for you.

My friend once told me that when light shines so beautifully through a window it means something.

Sunshine by Forum Ashish Shah. (Unread)

Unread by Platform For Artists is an anthology of 100 writers from all across India published by FanatiXx Publication. The book is a collection of English and Hindi poems.

It holds work of many known faces. Like Sharanya Rajgopal from Terribly Tiny Tales, Forum Shah from Spill poetry, Neha Kabra from The Quill Company. There is work of known published authors and travel writers too.

Unread by Platform for Artists
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Book cover:

The book cover is glossy with crushed paper placed around. It feels to me as a good match with the title.

Page quality, binding, and printing are quite decent.

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Book review: Unread

This anthology is a difficult one to wrap in a quick review. Each piece of work is a conversation starter. There is no set theme in the book or sections which may work for some. It goes more of a river flowing from one land to another.

The poems are of free narrative poems, rhyming poems, and a couplet. They do capture the reader with raw emotions of fear, loneliness, love, separation, inspiration and more.

Some poems are chewy, few are chewier. A lot do get the merit of rereading, soon.  The entire mix of poetries makes the reading pleasant. I enjoyed it. The page numbers are strikethrough, remember Unread. An eye to each little detail is done accurately. The book aims to inspire the hidden inner artist in a reader and hence the 100th one is unwritten. The 100th poet is the reader. Yet, again making it an unread work for others.   

I would recommend this book, Unread by Platform For Artists, for someone who enjoys poetry in both the languages English and Hindi. Read one at a time and enjoy the depth it takes you to.

Rating: 4 /5

Pages: 143

Curated by: Platform For Artists

Get your paperback copy here.

Disclaimer –

This review is done as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program

I’d like to thank Blogchatter and Platform for Artists for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. 


23 thoughts on “Unread by Platform For Artists -Book review”

  1. 100 writers and 100 poems… that’s seems like a treasure trove!! I love anthologies as in one book you get to enjoy varied flavors and tastes. Will check out Unread by Platform For Artists, thanks for recommending it.

  2. I cannot even imagine how beautiful it must be to read 100 poems written by such fabulous writers. After reading this review I am intrigued to read this soon.

  3. Have seen the cover floating around on Blogchatter and was quite intrigued. Loved the concept of the reader being the 100th writer. And how you began the review was super! It gave me an idea of how I could possibly write a review in the future – thanks for that!


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