6 ways mobile apps changed our lives in the last decade #DecadeHop

When I heard of #DecadeHop, like many of my co-bloggers I was tempted to share a slice of my life, many of my blogger friends shared fictions that touched us. I have been swaying to manage a decent draft from the last couple of days yet last is still in drafts. Where have the years gone by? Taking a break, I played with my child, Penguin. Little man asked if he can help. The adorable philosopher in the house still believes he did help me. Actually, he did.

He promptly erased my doubts by saying “Okay. What happened?” His two words, kicked my rusted wheels to actually think what happened. What happened to things around me? Things beyond the physical transformation talked during #10yearschallenge.

I wanted to start with Maa stalking me on Facebook. She still doesn’t have an account because remembering the password is not her forte. Bapa shares his account with Maa. So, I get two comments in a day. Not going to say what happens with likes.

But then my parents and their generation are still learning ways of social media. Right then the youngsters’ skid by me and they are the faces of changes around small towns in India. These 20 something kids assume a world in their tap. To an extent, the world is shrinking to finger taps.

These days there are apps for everything under the sun. There are multiple apps to count calories in your aloo parata, steps you walked, time spent on screen. Keep counting. Amongst them, there are few apps that are changing us.

How mobile apps changed our lives in the last decade?

6 ways mobile apps changed our lives in the last decade
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While we Indians love traveling, we also love pocket-friendly travel. Things have become convenient with travel apps. If looking for a vacation other than visiting relatives, search-choose-book on apps.

To commute we chose mobile apps over waving an auto under the hot sun then bargaining to an extension before giving up. Hail a cab or auto without nagging, just swipe. Easy right? Of course, until you live in Bangalore where traffic crawls.

Most travel websites already diversified into apps. And we know rest would follow soon. Dare we forget Google maps and cousins here!


Do you remember in the last years of the past decade a message was floating “Swiggy my amma….”? Oldies in my family took painstaking monologue sessions on how kids are not respecting elders. But again, thanks to these food delivery services we can eat anything without cooking.

Though it can’t replace Maa-ke-haath-ka-khana still you won’t stay hungry eating biscuits and Maggi.

Recently, my cousin had to attend hospital duty for days. She couldn’t manage household chores and attend the patient, Swiggy did bail the family. Before anyone pounce on raising independent children or men in the kitchen, this was suitable for them. Choices.  

Money transfer

No, not bitcoins.

My niece studying the graduation course demanded a digital wallet as soon as she stepped in the hostel. Apparently the gupchupwala*, autowala and canteenwala bhaiya said “No cash beta, Paytm karo”. The order of appearance is unchanged here.

Her going pocket money cashless swiftly took me to flashbacks of standing in a queue at the bank with cheques and demand drafts. My tiny wallet used to have an exact fare for a city bus, local trains, and share-auto ride.

Online shopping

If you know my Maa and sister, you can understand how they never have enough clothes and keep buying new ones. Even for me. Though am grateful for their love, my wardrobe who claims minimalist can’t stay sane. In the past decade, they purchased dressed, décor items, beddings and what not. Right when I thought ladies in my family are crazy shoppers, the next-gen joined them. Surpassed later.

An acquaintance of mine diligently roams at least 3 stores, check price tags of items and re-check things online.  Of course, the last one offers the best price. Sold.

There is always a sale in the internet market and buyers always find something they think they want. Another change in the way my grandma used to shop during festive seasons.


Doordarshan was replaced by cable channels, later DTH and recent ones are web series. Web series are changing the ways of watching to bingeing. No one can blame the bingers here. Watching Nagins, repeated forms of devils, youth-centric shows, Indian sanskaring bahu and third wheels in love-stories can kill anyone to brain-coma. Not medically but emotionally, intellectually.

Web series brought in a freshness in concept, people could relate and expected more. Last decade we saw Permanent Roommates, Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Breathe, to name a few. As people are more connected online, streaming becomes easier. With options by entertainment service apps, the spree rarely pauses.

When not watching we are probably listening, stuck in traffic, workout, cleaning, and broken DJ service, we Spotify. Not to forget the ongoing TikTok craze.

Social media and communication

We can’t say adieu without talking about social media. Can we?

While in 2010 Facebook was already sharing where we are, what we want to say, and pictures. There were more apps for creative outlets of people.

We seldom eat food without taking a perfect picture for Instagram. There are viral hashtags in all platforms, trends to follow, ideas to share. Talking of which have you taken the #DollyPartonMemeChallenge yet?

Another utmost popular app is WhatsApp. How were the days before this? Group chats, video calls, group video calls all in one spot.

6 ways mobile apps changed our lives in the last decade
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Last decade mobile apps did take our world by storm. Some invaded our personal space, some made life easier. Do you know there are around 5 million apps available in the market? Can you imagine the era before mobile apps? If only we make an effort to keep it away from the dining tables.

*Gupchup is also known as Puchka, golgappa, etc.

P.S. The professional apps like Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive were royally ignored in this post.

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*Disclaimer – Image credits Jan Vašek, StockSnap, William Iven, David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay*


124 thoughts on “6 ways mobile apps changed our lives in the last decade #DecadeHop”

  1. Seriously much has changed over a decade. Doordarshan , STD , VCR to Netflix , mobiles n skype along with so many apps . Life has become much easier but it has brought addiction also

  2. 5 million apps in the market!! Whoa….!!!
    Lovely post focusing on the apps which have made life so much easier and fun for all.
    Loved the part about your maa stalking you on FB!! 😝
    And yes – the various forms of ‘chudayls and sanskaring bahus’ in out indian TV can kill anyone!! 😄😄

  3. Pragnya how true it is that apps are touching all aspects of our lives. Your blog made me wonder, how many do I use on a daily basis.
    That’s actually a great take on the prompt, something hatke. Wishing you the best in 2020

  4. The mobile and the apps are a necessary evil now. We cannot do without them even if we want to but then we are becoming a community of zombies. You have listed out most of them in detail and in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Good job! Bending into our mobiles with minimum communication for real. Physical and Mental health is going to be grave issues because of it.

    • Though most of the apps were intended to help us. In the long run, we are depending on them even for basics. Addiction is another growing concern, we are living more in the virtual world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Harjeet.

  5. I always love your writing and this one is no exception. I love your take on the prompt. Though technology has killed lot of things but the apps have made life easier. Though, i feel its not good for shopaholics like me ;). But i agree most of these apps are a boon. I also remember the days of standing in queues at banks to withdraw the pocket money. Sometimes i feel good old days, but then these times are more convenient. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your writing in the next decade 🙂

  6. Loved your prompt on a decade gone by Pragnya, the way you chalked out all the useful apps, whose presence on our mobile is as important as the salt in food items, no doubt it made our life much easier, including royally ignored apps in your post, this line left a smile on my face, well written post!!!!

  7. Hi Pragnya. I love the way you write. You have the ability to make a simple technical concept interesting with your words. If you remember I once told you how I admire your parenting blogs too for the wonderful use of language and expression.
    This post is no exception. It is very well spun, laced with personal notes and such lucid use of language. Well done!

  8. Absolutely true. I’m heavily dependant on many of these apps and cannot imagine my life without these apps. They have improved my Quality of life I believe! And no I havent taken the dolly parton challenge yet ..hahaha

  9. With so many apps now available it has made our lives easier. But for our parents and grandparents this app world is still a mystery they still struggle to keep up but then they are also learning. With apps like uber ola traveling is made comfortable and swiggy Zomato is a life saver for many. It has made it easier for women to leave the house without a worry of what will their kids eat. You have managed to cover all the major app arenas.

    • It is so endearing how the older generation is learning to deal with computers, smartphones, and apps. If not master, they do learn the basics. Thanks for visiting us Shail ji. We would love to see you more.

  10. This was such an endearing take on cellular technology. Life without mobile is unimaginable these days. The world is at our finger tips.
    Lovely write up.❤️

  11. This last decade has indeed seen a sea change in the way we live, courtesy the mobile phone. I look back at my childhood and the change is even more stark. But, change is the only constant thing in life. So I predict in the next decade, there will be even more changes. And when we look back from there, this decade will seem so normal.

    What say?
    Meena from balconysunrise.wordpress.com

  12. Yes last decade saw a complete digital transformation and it all affected the way we live, be it eating, traveling, shopping, watching, communicating and much more. A nice post covering all major aspects of change that we witnessed and accepted its entry in our lives.

  13. Hi Pragnya! I am glad to know that your penguin is the source of your motivation from this early age!! Loved the subtle way you have described all the useful apps and changes of our lives. A nice piece with so many research behind. Best wishes for ur Penguin and you.

  14. Very true! Mobile and mobile apps changed my life completely. As you mentioned how your Mumma and Baba also be a friend with the technology. I think this is the necessity of today’s life. I do all my work on the phone and apps helps to make it easy.

    • I remember talking to you earlier on how you write all wonderful poems from apps only. I love how they help you share your thoughts and we readers get to read them. 🙂

  15. To be very frank I am not an app person
    Except Twitter and Uber I have nothing installed in my phone.
    Your post was very informative and useful.

  16. With apps we have also advanced in using all of them. my 10years old now opens my phone to order her favourite food with just a tap.. and yes all pir parents generation are now on social media stalking all over the sanskari and non sanskari c ones

  17. I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad to know this fact that mobile apps are ruling our lives but whatever it is there’s no running away from them. I love my apps! I remember how we used to depend on travel agents to plan our perfect vacations and were completely on their mercy to book a decent hotel for our stay. But now with the travel apps, we are the boss. Apart from the travel apps on my phone, I love the anytime entertainment apps with my choice of media. This is a bang on post, Pragnya, loved reading it!

  18. I loved your style of writing, there was humour and still informative. One cannot image life without apps now but five million as you say, I’m shocked. And I have to go check Doll parton meme challenge. Did I get it right?
    Much love

    • Oversharing each detail is actually harmful and may people do that without realizing it. But like you said, it is the necessary evil in life. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Mobile apps are actually a revolution in the last decade. Nobody imagined life in just a few clicks but it is the reality today. Our life has become simpler but we need to be wise to choose what’s the best for us and in what context.
    Wish you loads of luck

  20. oh yes. we have been through a bitter sweet change in our lives. especially the 90’s kids have seen a lot of transitions and we have seen the life before and after the inventions. the mention of golgappa just gave me major craving!! loved the post and loved ur perspective too. 🙂

  21. This is so true that technology has changed our lives or I should rather say, taken over our lives. In a way, it is beneficial also but we seem to be addicted with these apps and especially social media. The last line cracked me up, “royally ignored” 😉 😉

  22. Technology really took over control of our entire lives, didn’t it? I loved how you presented the change in the decade via the apps. You not only mentioned the different apps but also compared them the pre-tech invasion alternative which was popular. I really do wish you had included productivity too in your list, although it was amusing to see how some of them were royally ignored too. Serves them right, for they get too much attention from us, anyway!
    Great post! Let’s see which apps remain popular in the next decade. 😀

  23. Enjoyed your post. I love your writing style.

    I cannot imagine life now without any of the apps you listed. There is indeed an app for everything now. I am a true blue geek and always on the lookout for interesting ones.

  24. Hello Pragnya.. Your post got me thinking about how apps have controlled my life..I hardly remember anything because I can always search for it using one app or the other..I wish I could control my obsession with them..It was a very insightful journey that you wrote about .With best wishes..

  25. Yep! A lot has changed and seems to be changing at an alarming rate. Many of the changes you have mentioned are supposed to have made our life easier, but life seems to be more difficult and time seems to have shrunk!

  26. Pragnya, you have touched upon an aspect of our daily lives that each and every one of us can relate to. The revolution in terms of apps in this decade has change our lives for better!

  27. Mobile apps have changed everything ….be it food ordering, shopping, banking, teaching , paytm, even services like electrician, plumbing , house maid aka Urban clap.
    Bas ki It becomes difficult to control your instincts…I can’t stop until I buy what I liked/ order the food when craving strikes !

  28. Some days I’m beyond thankful for all these wonderful apps which have managed to make our lives easier. But then I also worry about the constant stimulation and the “being-on-call” feeling that comes from our dependence on these apps.
    It’s a fine line to walk. Our world cannot go back to a simpler time. But maybe we can exercise some discipline and remember to put the phone down once in a while.
    Refreshing post, Pragnya! thank you!

  29. OMG 5 millions app in the market..I did not know this fact dear..I agree that lot has changed during last decade and technology has overpowered our lives. web, apps and gadgets are most important part of our life and yes, we need them for our all important aspects of life like food, travel and maintaining social connections. you had summed up it all so beautifully in the post and as usual it was a great read.

  30. A concise and easy to digest insight into the vast world of apps – as they grew in the last decade. I find it interesting the way the word “app” itself has evolved. Earlier we would say computer programs or applications. Even for mobiles, one would still use the full, “application”. Its a sign of the times that how application has got abbreviated to apps. Good reading. Rohit Verma

  31. Hi Pragnya, I love the way of your explanation which you wrote about the fast technological changing in the last decade and it’s really very useful post for all.
    Much Love
    Surabhi B.Das

  32. Well, the generations before the 90’s are still coping up with most technological developments and most of them hate the developments. I understand that as well, people are today more and more dependent on these apps and internet. They would rather google it than give it a thought. Its silly, but at times i would also do a google search instead of thinking it through. Your post was an eye opener for me. Thanks for writting.

  33. Some bang on observations Pragnya. I can’t stop laughing at the comments by parents thing… My mother and my massi (s) like my posts and leave a comment in the form of a sticker. Each and every post. Sometimes toh I wonder, how much did they understand in that post..really.
    A rather introspective post.

  34. This is so true. Actually we are seriously dependant on some of the apps today. For me, google map is the one without which I cannot do. Especially when we live in a foreign land. On the other side, for each and everything thing there is an app, thats something really crazy

    • GPS apps have changed us now, we can manage to survive even when lost but need internet connectivity for that. The later part does cripple us a bit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  35. An awesome and realistic take on the decade gone by. Technology truly is the mother of all invention and am an absolutely ‘app’y mommy who relies on the numerous apps filled on my cell. I loved the PS the most.

  36. Pragnya, true apps have become part and parcel of our lives so much so that we have started ignoring even our family members. There is nothing for which we don’t have an app these days. 5 million apps is a whopping and mind-boggling number for sure. Thoughtful and informative post.

  37. This is such a great post, I will say how? you brought all the apps in one pocket just in few words in this decadehop marathon.It is very nice to read about the apps also it’s an eye opener that we have 500 million today. thank you for sharing these details I look forward to reading more of yours
    thank you

  38. Apps have indeed taken over our phone memories and our lives! Seriously, what did we do without them in the past? Honestly though, it’s kind of a love-hate relationship. Can’t live without them, yet can’t live with them either!!!

  39. Come to think of it, it wasn’t mobiles that changed the world around us. Smartphones with their zillion apps were responsible for it. We’ve come to depend on many of them while some just invade our time and privacy. Digital wallets are extremely convenient, although entertainment apps kind of kill family time I feel. Good idea to keep them away from dinner table.

  40. Last decade has changed so much of our lives in both ways I can say good & bad. We have so many different types of apps by which we can sort out our needs easily, from ordering to getting information about anything or from video conversation to watching online web series/movies.

  41. Well I agree completely.

    We can not imagine a day without them unless internet I’d down.

    Food , travel, money etc now they are not apps but they are our functional assistant extensions.
    Best of all if google was not there my entire career would not be in jeopardy.
    Loved your thoughts n clarity about technological changes in our personal spaces

  42. A very relevant post w.r.t the changing Decade that it was.
    Food, travel, relatives and money were/are at one’s fingertips! (Not literally though… Hope the relatives won’t mind)
    The decade made sure we change our lifestyles and we adapt the goodness of the apps and don’t get addicted to it.
    Surely during a family member’s illness, using food apps help the others stay calm. Using travel apps help us explore.
    Summarised well and on point.

    • Such a fun-filled and informative post. I won’t be wrong if I say it’s an eye opener post too. We don’t really realize how far we have come in terms of technology and it’s usage. Am amused to see my father learning new things everyday but am yet to learn from my mom how to lead a life without a mobile! Enjoyed reading your post and really happy you participated in this blog hop 🙂

  43. What a write-up truly!!! Bubbly and smart. Your writing style is natural… as if a friend is sitting beside me talking about all these apps. The tongue-in-cheek humour of yours is extra bonus for your reader. Loved the article. I was smiling till I read the PS and then I burst out laughing.
    As for the apps of the decade, each word of yours stands true. I have been won by apps completely and there is no going back for me.
    The story of Facebook used by parents resonated with mine. Lately, my mother has got this habit of changing her DP on WhatsApp and forwarding all that drops on her wall on me…and M literally like… ‘Bass Karo Meri Maa’
    I loved, loved your post!

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    regularly, and youre always choosing exciting items. I shared this distribute on my small little Facebook or myspace,
    and followers liked it. Proceed the good work!


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