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Flyaway Boy by Jane De Suza – Book review

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How often we talk about the need for creative ones in society? Humans are born creative. Creative minds are problem solvers. Then while growing up how we human tend to lose that creativity. Probably answers would be scumbling to parental and societal expectations. The book in hand today, Flyaway boy by Jane De Suza, talks about the same.

Flyaway Boy by Jane De Suza

The protagonist Kabir is an odd one. He doesn’t fit in his school. Not in his small hilly town. While people live in labeled boxes his box just doesn’t fit. Parents and teachers hopelessly tried to enlighten him “why can’t be like others”.  He never sticks to any rules. He imagines things all the time. The boy so odd is cornered often. And one day he just vanished in thin air.

Now he is the center of attention. Where can a little boy go? Nightmarish theories are dished out, but is that true? If no one knows how he went missing, did Kabir exist at all?

Flyaway boy by Jane De Suza
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Flyaway boy by Jane De Suza is about embracing yourself. Embracing the creative mind that’s different wired. Inspiring people coming out of labeled boxes like ‘busy’, ‘backbencher’, ‘perfect’, go on.

De Suza is a witty storyteller touching sensitive topic lovingly. She takes the reader to dive into Kabir’s monologue thoughts. Giving a view of the world from his innocent perception. Kabir is a charmer whom young readers can instantly connect with. The plot is gripping. A page-turner. Enjoyable experience.

The book is apt for children aged 9-12 years. Though the book should be read by all adults shaping children, mainly parents and teachers too.

Rating 4.5/5

Genre: Children’s book | Fiction

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Disclaimer – Thank you Penguin Random House India and Puffin Books for the copy and trusting me for an honest review.

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