What do you learn from your child?

This Mother’s day let me thank my child for making me a better human. A better mother. A better me. Ever thought what do learn from your child?

what do you learn from your child
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That two pink lines changed me. Not just by appearance, rather somewhere deep. Before holding my little one in my arms, I prepped a lot. I read books, watched videos and welcomed most advises. Yet when my child cried for hours on the 3rd night, I was clueless. And that was first of many upcoming clueless or confused moments. For months I cried with him. I asked every passing parent how they stay sane.

It was then, that I found a Guru. My Guru is not a celestial being. He masters a serene smile most of the time. Unless hungry. He treats all living, non-living equally. All get equal attention. Seeks curiosity from all. An eager learner. And most resilient human I ever met.  

My Guru is my child. A 3 months old, taught me life lesson before he spoke. Funny but true. I learnt from my child.

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A child can teach us how to live life. These carefree innocent souls are perseverant. Remember how your little one learned walking and eventually running. They try fall and try again. For hours, days and even months. Till the day they take that first step. Falling doesn’t stop there. One step, two steps and tumble again. Eventually, little ones master the art of walking. They never stop trying after a trip. I learned persistence.

Until I noticed my child diligently working on all basic movements.  on rolling over, crawling, cruising, walking and running. We, Human, took such an effort to learn a thing and later take it for granted. I did the same to my body. My Guru taught me to be grateful for my health and invest in it. Put effort on fitness over size. I relearned gratitude.

During the same course, he taught me forgiveness. At times, I was next to him while he was tumbling yet I intentionally or not I missed him. We did have a few crying episodes, yet he hugged me the next moment. Lovingly. Truly.

I can’t recall when exactly and how it was, that he started helping me around. Be it cleaning up his toys, or filling water bottles. To assisting in drying laundry. Making morning bed and more. His strive for independence and helpful nature swell my heart. Again, he reminded me to help others every possible way.

His curiosity and eagerness amaze me. He wants to know, talk and speak about everything under the sun. In loop. While I used to stop after a while. Yet, he would make anyone speak more and more. I became more presentful in his company. Earlier I rarely noticed other variants while walking or driving. My toddler jumps at the sight of each object. Maa look autorickshaw! Oh, it is yellow. Look, look it got wheels. See, there is aunty (read sticker) too. And it never stops. Pauses, yes. Stops, nope!

I never expected my child could teach me ways of life. Well, expect the unexpected in parenthood.

What did you learn from your child? Tell me in the comments.

This post was the winner of Mother’s day writing contest by Extramile Preschool and Daycare with Anupama Dalmia and Namrata Sadhvani as judges.


21 thoughts on “What do you learn from your child?”

  1. Wonderfully written Pragnya! I agree with you those 2 pink lines changed our whole life. After being a mother we discover a new version of ourselves.

  2. This is so true, we can learn so much from these little humans. There selfless love and never give up attitude are few trades we all should learn. This was written beautifully and deserves winning 🙂

  3. This is an ever evolving node – Parenting! Kids teach a lot of things to us and as rightly pointed persistence is one of that. You have given a wonderful vision to this topic.

  4. So well written i completely agree i learnt perseverance and to fight for myself after my son was Born….i completely correlate with your thoughts

  5. This is so sweet dera. Even after reading this one I am also started thinking. Really they are too small but we have manything to learn from them.


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