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Art of mindful green tea drinking

How stressed are you? Project deadlines, children’s school assignment, stuck traffic and even when domestic help goes on vacation, we get stressed. Every morning we wake up and join the rat race. We can’t change external factors. But we can de-stress mindfully. Take a step towards a healthier happier life.

Every day I try taking a step towards mindful living and I have a beautiful young teacher, my child, Penguin. The way he is sensory aware of things around us is quite remarkable. Actually, the younger the child is the more mindful he/she is. Remember how your child was so focused while watching ants march in the garden.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about awareness. Being aware of your own surroundings, thoughts, emotions, and body. Pay attention at the moment. Being present.

However, it’s not that easy. Our mind keeps wandering.

Can you do a quick exercise? Okay, take a deep breath. Hold it. Release slowly. You have to feel it- inhale and exhale. Repeat 5 times.

No need to raise your hand, just ask yourself were in the moment? Did your toes felt the cold floor? Maybe your mind wandered even before you realize.

Let me share one of the mindful exercises I try to practice every afternoon when my toddler is having his nap. Mindful green tea drinking.

Mindful tea drinking
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If you are not a green tea drinker yet maybe its time to be one. The benefits of green tea are all over the world. Be it brain functioning, weight loss, glowing healthy skin, and other healthy returns.

How to drink a mindful cup of green tea?

For long I feel it’s difficult to meditate. So, I started building mindful moments in everyday life simple activities, including brewing and drinking a cup of green tea. Earlier I shared how to make perfect green tea? Now let’s make one more cup mindfully using Instacuppa green tea detox bottle.  Here, the significant thing is to focus on seeing, feeling, tasting, touching, and hearing. Just in case your mind wanders off return gently to the senses.

  1. Pay close attention to water on the pan. Notice how it warms up, bubbles inside the pan, how it starts rolling. If it’s making any sound? Stay alert to your senses.
  2. Notice how your feet are as they carry your weight. Be aware of how the floor feels, how your palms are resting near the stove.
  3. Place a teaspoon of your favorite green tea leaves in the infuser. Relish the aroma of leaves, their texture, color.
  4. As you cover with the strainer and put them back in the bottle observe the sound around.
  5. While pouring hot water notice how the water flows in the bottle.
  6. Watch the beauty of change in the color of water. Give attention to how the clear water transforms into tea.
  7. In case you prefer adding sweeteners, realize how you feel while adding them. Same for other enhancers like lemon or mint.
  8. Take the cup of warm green tea in your hands and feel how warmth travel from mug to hands and whole body.
  9. While you lift the cup towards your lips, notice the motion of your hands and neck.
  10. Take a sip of green tea and feel the flavor. Is it perfect to your liking?
  11. While gulping the liquid, focus on how it flows to your stomach
  12. Let other thoughts stay away if they try entering your mind get back to your senses like the warmth of cup. Appreciate the delicacy.
  13. Comprehend if the warmth of the cup is diminishing.
  14. Take another sip inhaling aroma of tea. Did you notice any change in aroma when the leaves were dry and now?
  15. Drink your tea as you notice the surrounding around you, your breath and feel relaxed.

Make it a ritual. Maybe an hour after lunch. Being in present in relaxed form would detox the body and mind.

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Drinking a cup of tea mindfully appreciating the moment is practiced as tea meditation by many Buddhist monks like Thich Nhat Hanh.

How do you drink your green tea?

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