Morning rituals for kids

Mornings with kid(s) is a circus with untamed wild animals. If you are a mother with a toddler, your mornings might be rush-rush-gone. Surely when you introspect the pre-child mornings would be the synonyms of bliss. If you wish to re-discover the calm mornings WITH kid, you might have to create morning rituals that work for you.

But before manufacturing a ritual for kids you might have to start working on self. A happy mother can make a morning happy. As the saying goes – one can’t pour from an empty cup. So, mothers do need a self-care routine planned, implemented and practice regularly.

Planning the skeleton of day in advance does help before the day kicks in galore. Rise up before kids, have your tea and wake your munchkins.

Morning rituals for kids
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Waking up fresh and charged in the morning is a children’s thing. They always have the energy to conquer the world, their world. Staring the day with a routine does help all, parents and kids alike. They know what to expect and have a mental list of action slash activities to do as the day has begun.

What is ritual over routine?

You might wonder the usage of the word ‘ritual’ instead of ‘routine’. We all have heard of morning routines and lived a routine life so far. What is a ritual? 

At first glance both are the same, you have a set of activities to do in a stipulated time. But then ‘intentions’ come into play and change the game with rituals.  Rituals highlight the attitude for doing the action.

With heightened awareness of things around us, giving each ‘chore’ meaning and purpose and focusing on the moment can convert mundane routine to bright rituals.

The morning rituals that work for us

With our 3 years old who is curious and kind we start our day slow. He is yet to start formal schooling and we learn at home. These rituals have grown along with our child. Few responsibilities added here and there, lots of giggles and a positive start.

While greeting the child, Penguin, the morning I prefer staying off gadgets and focusing only on him. Our morning connection, not attention, shapes our day.

Slow start

Welcome the day with cuddles. Ask if he slept well or if there were any dreams. On a few occasions’ mornings do start with storytelling by my ever-expressive child. Sing our morning verses and drink water. Start with self-care, brush, wash face, etc. Have warm spiced milk.

Make bed

Of course, a 3-year-old can’t make the bed completely but he can do a major part of it. Remove mosquito nets, fold sheets/ blankets, rearrange pillows and sheets. A clean bed does give us space and a positive start.


One of the things I’m not proud of is starting exercise in the late ’20s. The takeaway from that, we do stretches and chant Om.  

Make breakfast and cherish

While making breakfast we do need some serious help from my sous-chef. With books and puzzles laid in our dining table, we start our first meal. At times we do take screen help too. Truth and can’t deny that part.

Dress up and head outdoors

Done with breakfast and cleaning table, wiping countertops we head outdoors. Penguin, our 3-year-old usually chooses his outfit and can get dressed with little help.

A good sun-soaking and jumping around gives another pump for the day.

We might tweak this routine when he grows up as the morning outdoor play might get replaced with the school. But we are going to attempt this same ritual for the time ahead.

Learning about mindful mornings and appreciating positivity took me long years to practice, as a parent I do hope to inculcate the beauty early in his life.

Are you a morning rituals person? What’s your ikigai?

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