#MyFriendAlexaThe September that was

In September 2018, I was new to the blogging world. Blogging was my way of expression in a chaotic fashion. I stumbled on #MyFriendAlexa campaign on twitter and joined the wagon without much knowledge or expectations. In a month I understood what is Alexa and touched the tip of blogging. Additionally, I did find a few bloggers who are friends now. It was a strong reason to return for the second time.

Takeaways #MyFriendAlexa campaign?

#MyFriendAlexa is a bloggers campaign organized by Blogchatter starting from 1st of September and lasts through the month. The Alexa challenge imparts healthy blogging ways. If you are aware of blogging being 70% reading and 30% writing, this challenge will show-you-how.

The hashtags

The challenge suggests getting two unique hashtags. One reading hashtag, used while sharing fellow bloggers posts on twitter after reading. Another writing hashtag used to share own post on twitter. I have been using #PragnyaReads and #PragnyaPens on social media over a year now.

The reading lists

The best part of the challenge is the reading list. Why? You get hands down 8-10 blogs to read daily, except Sunday. The more you read the more you know.

Let’s admit this in the blogging world and daily life finding out what to read from fellow bloggers is challenging and forgetful. At least to me, it is. With the list in hand, you know where to head next.

Consistent writing

A big dime question asked often is “How often should one be posting?” As a blogger, you might have heard suggestions for the community on the importance of blogging regularly. When we are posting frequently, we are more connected with the readers. The challenge demands 2 posts a week to see the magic. Something that should stick with the participant for long. Discipline.

Discover known and new genres

Back to the reading list again. You might be a book blogger and never read any beauty-lifestyle post. The challenge gives you the chance to read and explore an array of the genres. There are parenting, travel, book, lifestyle, life-skill, mental health, fictional, poetry and more genres waiting to be discovered with the daily reading list. Bonus, you get new ideas for the next post.

Connect with bloggers

You might remember the time when as a new blogger you were publishing good content yet vanishing in thin air. That’s where a community helps. And Alexa challenge do gives us a chance to build one of our own with new friends you made here.

Alexa rank

Stats matters. A good Alexa rank increases the worth of your blog. Speaks of the potential and visitor traffic. The lower Alexa gives a blogger all the push needed to reach the end of the month.

The insider tricks and tips

While there are thousands of courses available on the internet teaching about blogging, SEO and layers of the game. It is tough to figure out what actually might work for you and your blog to level up. During the challenge, the team Blogchatter bring out SME, real people who share their journey with you and share ideas that worked with them. Best of all, you can ask your queries and they revert.

#MyFriendAlexa challenge
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The Alexa experience polishes your blogging skills. Write regularly. Read more than ever before. Connect and learn.

As the September winds off with my second-time participation in #MyFriendAlexa, time to reveal my stats as of 30th September 2019.

Started at a global rank of 2,15,409 and finished at 1,49,196.

My #MyFriendAlexa posts for the month were

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.


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  1. Alexa campaign so wonderfully summed up by you. The “takeaway” section is so nicely structured and made me also realise what every blogger gained through participation in the Alexa campaign. A well organised post 🙂


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