What to gift a new mom?

Do you have a friend expecting a baby soon? What did you gift the soon-to-be mom? Are you going to be an aunt or uncle anytime in the next few days? Surely you might think of picking up an aww-so-adorable onesie for the newborn. Maybe there is a parenting book too in your plans. But what about the new parents? Don’t the new moms and dads deserve something to celebrate the 9 months to pregnancy, with or without few glitches? Also, for creating that perfectly cute cuddly baby. Guess what you can really give them the best gift ever? So, what to gift? Flowers, nope. Cake, no. The showpiece, like seriously no. Then what to gift a new mom and/or dad?

The parent’s duo, especially the mother has done a herculean task of birthing a baby and she now mostly would be on round the clock next to her little one.  Feed-pee-poop cycle. She has undergone a mammoth change physically and emotionally deserving some pampering. She at the same time would learn ways of raising her child. Though a new parent would be glad to receive a gift of a newborn photoshoot, not many can afford it. A professional one is pricy, no filter here. Maybe gifting her few gifts that would actually help her and the new family would be good.

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Gift ideas for new mom

Breast pump

Most moms prefer breastfeeding the baby unless there is a medical issue. Breastfeeding is not so easy as shown in shiny happy pictures. Moms might face a few initial glitches. She would be exhausted post-feeding sessions and deserve some rest. Gift her a breast pump. A breast pump would help her to extract breastmilk and store for future usage. Thus, when the baby is hungry and mom needs rest then dad or any other member of the family can take care of the baby. Rest and happy tummy, both ticked. Also, few moms might face let down or hyperlactation they can pump out the extra and store.

You can find one online or store. They are available in manual and electronic variants.

Ring sling

Babywearing is not new in India. You might have noticed many women around you carrying children wrapped on dupattas and sarees. Modern parents get a benefit here, today market does have good options of carriers like a sling, wrap, full buckle, etc. Though a parent might like to choose to select one of their choices after deciding the right style and a few trials, it never hurts to introduce one. Remember to go only for ergonomic ones.

As a parent, I felt slings are perfect for newborn, easy to wear, move around and remove. I have been using one for long.

Cloth diaper

Parents are well informed these days. Many keep the hospital bag packed from an expected time to avoid last moment rush. Diapers are one such must-have essential found in their list. Of course, after a gruesome birth experience, poop cleaning round the clock is tiring. A diaper makes life comfortable. Just peel and throw once used. However, these disposable diapers hurt our planet. Do know it takes around 500 years to decompose a diaper? So, then is there any greener alternative. YES! Introducing cloth diapers, tada.  

These come with the same convenience of disposables also are economical, eco-friendly and reusable.

A gift card

There are plenty of online destinations and stores for baby items shopping. A parent might have an idea on what to get before you gift them something of your choice. Imagine getting the same onesie in different colors by guests. Maybe the parent has a list of items in the wishlist already. Give them a gift card and let them choose what they want for the baby.

A diaper bag

After motherhood, a mom carries home in her bag. No kidding. You will find diapers, wipes, bottles, keys, lipstick, the list can go on and on. The fashionable tote and bags won’t suffice the needs. There a diaper bag is much needed. In the market, you can find a huge variety. Choose one with ample pockets, divided into different compartments, ease to wear in multiple ways, etc…

What is your preferred gift idea for a new mom/dad parent?

Happy gifting!


31 thoughts on “What to gift a new mom?”

  1. These are some great gift ideas you have mentioned and very useful when people want to know what to gift new moms..

  2. Those are some real good gifting ideas you have mentioned.It’s true that many times some unwanted items are gifted and that can be multiple times.So Gift Card is the best way to let the new Parents choose and order what they need.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  3. These are all great present ideas, but one thing I would like to add- sometimes its nice to gift something for the mother too. Self-care products are much appreciated immediately after delivery!

  4. This is one such occasion when most of the people get wrong gifts. People bring gifts for only the new baby and same old conventional gifts for new moms. Glad to read this list.


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