The World Outside My Window #WordsMatter

Are you happy? Do you have a list of things that truly keep you happy? There are many who would agree happiness is entirely dependent on success. Then in that case, how would one define success? Is it something measurable in mark sheets, wealth, fame, power, physical traits or love life?  

change in perception seeking happiness

A short-term thrill is often misunderstood as happiness. A salary hike, feeling of new love, discount sale, a new outfit and even a new follower on Instagram is counted as happiness. But in reality, they give us a sense of delight and quickly forgotten.

Then what would be the happiness that we talk about and subconsciously carve for?

Studies in the field of positive psychology explain a happy person as one who experiences frequent positive emotions. These emotions are not just subjective feelings but do involve cognition, facial expression, hormonal and cardiovascular changes. All happened in a short duration of time frame. The positive emotions resemble the positive sensation of content with a positive mood.

Some of the impactful positive emotions are hope, inspiration, serenity, awe, bliss, etc.  

We often restrict our perceptive view. The world around us is confined. Cemented. The short-lived moments are termed lifetime happiness. Aren’t we getting it all wrong when we don’t feel the satisfaction every living moment? When following the tribe is the norm. Lifestyle with LCD TV, villa with a luxury car parked in front becomes a goal. An Instagram picture with all smiles with an exotic backdrop is the talk of (Internet) town. We would crib how fake others are and try to join the herd sincerely.  

Can we be really happy?

It is easy. At least so in theory. All we need is to look outside the window. Happiness is not a destination, rather a journey with efforts. When we shift our viewpoint, stand and watch outside the window of life. We would see the freshness ignored till now. A change in thought process would reinforce the positive emotions over negative ones. Humans adapt and survive. We are neuroplastic. Long story short, we can be happy but with our effort. It won’t need external triggers. Rather it is an internal awakening.

How to open and broaden the window?

The window here is built up of our understanding and learnings of life so far. We see, interpret and dissect things according to them. Making the “window” of our mind a little open or wide would give us another view altogether.


We feel emotion stronger with experience. The pain, hurt, betrayal stays with us long. We are wired that way. It was a caveman survival instinct. However, today harboring similar negative emotions draw us to stress and sadness. We can’t change human nature but practice would make it happier.

Only when we work on accepting a positive experience and cherish them, we can absorb the goodness. Meanwhile, we can’t ignore reality. The key is not to mop over the loss.

Appreciate the experience and create a happiness booster.


Money, power, a relationship can be gone in a puff. But at that moment, we learn about the importance of gratitude in life.

Getting mad at someone and having a volley of words is a lot easier, than showing gratitude. Gratitude brings in introspection. It adds value to our wellbeing, emotions and mental health. It shifts our focus. A monumental one. We begin to see silver linings in every event of life. The optimism in us grows stronger. Implying direct results to our quality of life. Pushing us further in our life goals and dreams.

Constant newness

When we don’t jump out of the well, we can’t see the world outside. Ending up with the same knowledge and insight that was gifted with the birth suit.

The human mind is born curious. Chaining it with predefined notions restrict us. So, can we still add the newness? Of course, we do. Meet new people, explore a new place and most of all, accepting them without alterations. We all have a culture, faith, and value. When we mingle, we do have a difference but we do have bright sides too.

A new person can take you to the world of a new adventure, showing an entirely new side of the same story. With the exponential influence of social media, many speak how it rubbing us bad. But that what about all the things we learned from it. As a matter of fact, I got inducted to new concepts in my parenting journey like cloth diapering, babywearing and early learning through social media.

Even books have the power to transport us and help us grow.

Bring in the newness with travel, books, meeting new people. Appreciate and accept each as a whole. Step out of comfort zone often.

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.

Khalil Gibran

I never knew there is a world outside until I stepped near the window and sided curtain. Do you feel the same?

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66 thoughts on “The World Outside My Window #WordsMatter”

  1. Well said. Exploring new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, gaining experiences truly help to broaden and open the window of our mind. Broadening our vision and horizons gives you infinite dreams, infinite ideas, infinite paths! A thoughtful and thought provoking post for the prompt!!

  2. I like your take on the prompt. Meeting new people and exploring new places do make us feel good, but then for me being happy is becoming a challenge with every passing day,

    • First, thanks for visiting my blog Balaka. Being happy becomes challenging when we have an internal fight or we are pushing too hard for external factors to change, of course that’s my view. I hope you find happiness.

  3. How wonderfully you have interpreted the prompt to delve into deeper thoughts. Yes, it is only when we look outside that we can find inner peace and happiness.

  4. Sometimes it is very difficult to get out of a funk, find that inspiration, see the positive side. but yes with love care it is possible.
    dropping by from the bloghop

  5. All it takes to chance the view of our life in general is to just think outside the box. Do something or anything because you love it rather than to impress others. I love my life with that motto and it truly resonated in your words. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Well said Keerthi. When we work on ourself for our passion we reach the result expected rather a effort just to make impression might pause in between. Thank you for reading the post.

  6. Loved your window of understanding and learning. One certainly needs to widen and open the mind’s window to explore and experience the new things and people. I have got opportunity in life to stay in new places every few years and seriously it has changed my perspective as i get to meet new people, new places, new cuisines, new traditions and more. Lovely post.

    • Exactly Pragun, when we meet new people we go from the culture shock curve to culture appreciation with acceptance and broadening our mindset. Glad to hear you thoughts.

  7. I love your recipe for lasting happiness. Looking outside to find a way to inner peace is the way to do it. Looking for new experiences and practising gratitude are things I know always help. I loved this introspective piece.

  8. Interesting take on the prompt Pragnya. Indeed one experiences life anew when when steps out of the comfort zone. Being aware and open to learning new things help out in opening the windows of the mind.

  9. This was a very thoughtful post and made me reflect. You are right that we need to broaden horizons, be grateful and and step out of our comfort zone. Thank you for joining us on #WordsMatter.

  10. Please accept my apology for not being able to visit your blog and read this post earlier.
    Children, if one watches closely, are the happiest of lot in this world full of people. The only reason they are so because they live in a moment and always look at the moment with curiosity. They never fail to learn from every passing moment and also have a great ability cry as well as laugh, yet forget it the moment its over! Wish we could retain this as we grow.
    A very thoughtful post.

    • Thank you so much for visit my blog Anagha 🙂 I feel grateful with your words.

      How true, as grown ups we try being mindful being alert while kids (I see my toddler) so mindful of his work like watching army of ants crawling or trees swaying. Wonder where it’s lost while growing up.

  11. I so loved the way you mentioned ….I too agree that happiness is something when we learn how we can spread happiness by gratitude and positive emotions!!

  12. What a beautiful post, I absolutely loved reading it. One will truly be happy if they find that happiness within. Much needed happiness quotient for the day 🙂

  13. Loved your thoughts here. It is us who trap ourselves inside the windows of our hearts and minds and then feel suffocated. That quote by Gibran is perfect.


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